Gears of War PC: Guide to COG tag locations

The excellent new PC version of Gears of War introduces five new Chapters to help bulk out Act 5, Desperation. As one of Microsoft's "Games for Windows - LIVE" titles, it also offers unlockable Achievements which go towards a Gamerscore - you know, that thing your Xbox 360 chums have been claiming they're not bothered about despite having played a suspicious amount of "Open Season".

One of the ones that tied us in knots on Xbox 360 was collecting the COG tags - dog tags shaped like cogs that glow rather helpfully (perhaps this is why their owners are long dead), scattered throughout the game and key to unlocking a not undesirable 60 gamerpoints. Well, they're back for the PC version, and what with the new content at the end there are now 33 to locate, lying somewhere close to a Crimson Omen sign subtly sprayed to try and catch your eye. With that in mind, we've dusted off our guide to the locations of the original 30 and crawled around the new bits of Sera to uncover the last three. FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN.

Oh, and beware: spoilers ahead. Obviously.

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