Are the Microsoft Kinect and the PlayStation Move the Future of Gaming?

GameZone's Robert Workman wonders if the Kinect and Move are the future of gaming.

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Yardie3082d ago

I really think that sony will replace dualshock controllers with a controller similar to the ps move for the PS4. They will probably add another analog stick (for games that aren't controlled through motion), and hopefully add some kind of connection between the move and the nav (so it only takes up one bluetooth space).

Why o why3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

No, just a part of it. MS and sony are moving in slightly different directions. Sony announce 6 core 3 move whereas ms announce 6 kinect and 3 core if that. Kinect sells a crapload so ms go in harder. Sony hasn't been so aggressive or as successful but it doesnt need to be forced either. Move can be used as an alternative control method for some games NOT the only way to control some games like kinect. Its saddening that sales could decide where each head.

The future motion control is what each respective company wants it to be. My preference is core pad games.

My preferences wont all of a sudden change because ms, sony or nintendo change their focus because they caught a wiff of easy money and by that i mean focusing on the casuals who dont know their rpgs from an mmo. The ones who couldnt give a damn about custom engines or any form of technical excellence. Sorry, most n4g members are NOT that type..We do pad. We do core but we'll play it all with whatever mc device if its any good but that doesnt mean we prefer it over our main preferences.

darthv723082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

but a step in that direction. Full interactive entertainment at some point will be the future. We are talking holodeck stuff but that is a ways off.

HMD's (head mounted displays) coupled with motion control to give that full home VR effect is what is going to be next. Sony has demonstrated an HMD that should give the 3d effect quite nicely.

The key to really feeling like you are in the game and controlling it is total outside optical isolation. Closing off distractions from your view allows the brain (and eyes) to focus on what is being seen.

What both need to work on is some type of feedback system for your body to feel. Either in a vest or shirt that has the tactile feedback ability.

Septic3082d ago

Now before you start spamming the disagree button, hear me out.

Yes the Move and Kinect leave a lot to be desired in terms of core games and the respective applicability of the latter devices but understand this, they might be a necessary step for the future of gaming.

Why? Because as gaming advances more and more in terms of complexity in depth, visuals, physics and general immersion, we need inputting methods that go beyond the draconian controller input or mouse/keyboard input we are so accustomed to.

When you think Virtual Reality, you don't think about holding a mouse and keyboard or a controller in your hand. No, you think of that nifty little visor and you slowly caressing the breasts of that midget elf female you always fantasised about. Okay, bad example but you get my point.

Kinect and its motion sensing tech, with the accuracy and feedback of the Move COMBINED with an immersive virtual reality medium is what the game industry giants should be aiming for in the future.

If this doesn't happen then the gaming industry and technology will stagnate and not evolve.

You know I speak the truth. For I am Septic. I am a disease. And you are the one infected. BRAP!! (That should be my sig).

lance423082d ago

I personally dislike motion controllers/ movement based peripherals. It has nothing to do with the games. I just like the feeling of a real controller as opposed to a wand.

Ron_Danger3082d ago

Man... People love phantom dissagreeing with you...
I agree with you though to some extent... I'm 27 so I'm used to playing with a controller or keyboard and mouse but the young kids that are just now starting gaming are using motion tech more so for them it might be the future

Septic3082d ago

I know right?

People on n4g are just mean. I'm going out....

TheDivine3082d ago

I agree that its the future but not as it is now. I see kinect bieng a big part of the future but with a controller (imagine the 360 pad split into 2). That way developers would add little things here and there for immersion like throwing an elbow or grenade, talking to characters, or other little things to add to the game. It would be great in 3d also. Dont imagine little wii sport type games but if the witcher 2 or bf3 were built to use kinect w it. No mic in bf3 and you could see the person celebrating after they shot you or you could see their expression when you killed them. Theres so many ways to use it but it needs to be built in next gen (included in box). Ms needs to realize that yes kinect is awesome but not every game on it needs to be controller free, only sports and workout/dance games and maybe rpgs if they improve it to use fingers like a mouse in something like diablo 3. Use it to add to games, dont adapt games to use it. Theyre too interested in the you are the controller tagline, great for some games but not all games.

WhiteLightning3082d ago

They better not be....

There is nothing wrong with the controlers we have now, Microsoft is more likely to go down that road but Sony better not.

There has to be that one focused core console (for variety) and it looks like it will be the PS4 if Microsoft don't get their act together and stop pretending that every single core gamer "loves" Kinect.

I don't want to believe the "Kinect Controls" rumor for the PS4. You just can't beat a good old DS controler it's that plain and simple

ksense3082d ago

if this is the future then I hope the world ending in 2012 is true.

Micro_Sony3082d ago

Life has much more to offer than gaming.

Dont let your youth go to waste sitting on a couch.

Games are good but when played in moderation.

FredEffinChopin3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )


Seriously dude.

Also @Micro_Sony,
Do you PM someone every time they make you look stupid? Please stop PMing me. You did it yesterday after I pointed out your hypocrisy
( ), and again today after I pointed out that the joke went completely above your head. Let this be the last time, there is no reason for us to be talking privately.

ksense3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

obviously I am exaggerating and being sarcastic but I do not like a future where it is going to seem like work waving your hands and legs around. just want to sit down and relax and have an enjoyable experience and while kinect and move may provide some enjoyable experiences it is not what I want the entire gaming experience to be in the future.

Why o why3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

@ micro_sony

I think what he's saying is that you know, he prefers pad gaming, core gaming you know like the stuff that made him jump into this gen

galgor3082d ago

No, both are gimmicks. Just like the keyboard & mouse, until something truly intuitive comes along we'll keep playing with what works best.

Anon19743082d ago

To early to tell. It's not the first time a company has taken a stab at motion gaming and failed, and even Nintendo, with the success of the Wii now seems to think having an Ipad as a controller is the way to go.

I think it's too early to tell. Neither Kinect nor Move have been on the market very long, and while Kinect enjoyed a nice spike at the start, who know's what's happening now. Last quarter MS suddenly clammed up about Kinect numbers which they had previously been shouting from rooftops and 360 sales were barely above what they were during the same period last year, prior to Kinect's launch. Sony hasn't really been forthcoming with specific Move numbers either.

When you consider how long motion gaming has been around, I don't think it's a sure thing. There have been games that used web-cams on PC for over a decade now, yet nothing really caught on. Why would we expect similar games to suddenly catch on now?

I know personally I'm not ready to ditch the gaming pad anytime soon.

gamingdroid3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

It's not common to comment on sales during the slowest time of the year.... What we do know is that Xbox 360 is selling the fastest it has ever been.

Instead of looking at abnormalities in the pattern, you should really compare them to the competition and the trend is up for Xbox 360 and down for both PS3 and Wii.

***There have been games that used web-cams on PC for over a decade now, yet nothing really caught on. Why would we expect similar games to suddenly catch on now?***

Because the technology has improved significantly where it is now usable.

Prior to the iPhone there were plenty of smart phones that failed, did that spell the demise of iPhones?

What about mp3 players prior to ipod?

Heck, what about tables prior to the iPad?

What about FPS games prior to Halo?

... or how consoles failed to dethrone PC for ages?

I could go on....

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