No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise gets price-cut before release

Konami’s PS3 release, ‘No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise’ now has $10 shaved off the top before it is even released.

Amazon made the price-change earlier this morning while also throwing in some exclusive pre-order DLC items, The DLC is the “Cross Saver” beam katana and the “Moto Magazine 2″ motorcycle.

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OllieBoy3082d ago

Had no plans on buying this day 1, but this was too tempting.

Pre-ordered from Amazon.

AngelGirl163082d ago

I played the demo and i was wondering why this game was popular. It was so boring and the combat just felt stale. Maybe it was because i was playing with a controller but it still should have been fun. I wished they ported Madworld instead.

RaptorGTA3082d ago

I tried it out as well. I also own the Wii version. I wasnt to surprised with this graphics and with a controller the game is just a mess. Im sure with the Move it would be better but it looks like they kept the flaws the first game had.

aquamala3082d ago

I thought I could finally play this game with dual analog sticks, but no, the right stick is dodge, not for free look.

DarkTower8053082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I played it with the move, it still sucked. It felt like a bad ps2 game.

Venox20083082d ago

this game has a very fun and entertaining story, nice boss battles... demo is like a castrated cat, you see it, but it's not a real cat anymore.. :D

CrescentFang3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Wow that's amazing... I really wish I could buy this. But I did indeed already experience this on the Wii, but $29.99? It's the same price as when I bought it with Red Steel! On the Wii!
EDIT: lol on the Amazon forums. A guy starts a new discussion that Best Buy has it for 29.99 and then in the next few posts another guy says Amazon price matched it! lol

pr0digyZA3082d ago

What do they mean before release on PS3? Are they rereleasing it?

SageHonor3082d ago

I thought this game was fun as hell. Cant wait

Kyosuke_Sanada3082d ago

Me too. The bosses were highly original, loved the unpredictable battles and it had so much personality. I was knew this was a day one for me after it was announced a while back because I finished the original for the Wii. I really wish it had a Collector's Edition but Ill enjoy it regardless.

Spleen-cutting at its finest this will be a true classic in my library.

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