Hour-long Frostbite 2 seminar at Evoke 2011 shows the inner workings of Battlefield 3

SystemLink: "At this year's Evoke event in Cologne, Kenny Magnusson (Senior Artist at EA DICE) gave an hour-long presentation, followed by a Q&A, on the Frostbite 2 engine. In particular, the focus was on the limitations of Frostbite 1 on Bad Company titles and Mirror's Edge, and the improvements Frostbite 2 offers."

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Inside_out2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I think Mirrors Edge was the most innovative game Dice has made and it was made with the Unreal 3. It's no surprise that after Unreal 3, they had to change their Frostbite 1 engine and upgrade it to Unreal like performance.

Many devs have robbed Unreal blind. Capcom stole their engine for Lost Planet 2, Ubisoft stole it for Graw 2, called it Yeti. Dice has done the same thing with frostbite 2 and these videos are proof of that, acting like they are doing something not capable with Unreal. It's up to the devs to decide how to use the technology.

Mirror Edge was cutting edge...

Incredible color, draw distances, genre changing animations and motion blur are outstanding in this game. Dice in these video's tries to build up Frostbite 2 at the expense of Unreal BUT, I have a question...why use Unreal at all if your Frostbite engine is so great??? :o

Pandamobile2837d ago

Mirror's Edge came out in 2008. Bad Company came out in 2008.

Both games were in development at the same time. Frostbite was designed for the Battlefield games and obviously would not be ready to branch off into a completely different style of game at that time.

Are you incapable of simple logic or something?

qwertyz2836d ago

your trolling abilities are incredible.

Pandamobile2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I'm starting to doubt that he's actually a troll. He's just too persistent. I think these are actually his legitimate opinions.

Makes me lose a bit of a faith in humanity.

one2thr2836d ago

Wow!! That's what you call "innovation".......

Hufandpuf2836d ago

Mirror's Edge was Fantastic, but it wasn't perfect. I believe it was because of the Unreal Engine. Very Rarely do you see devs use the engine for games that weren't centered on guns and combat. And also ME was focused on movement and physics, something the UE engine has not perfected. I believe that the FB2 engine was developed to correct UE's shortcomings and add more to the table. When Mirror's Edge 2 is finished, I have no doubt that it will be spectacular with the use of the FB2 engine and not the UE3 engine.

Pandamobile2836d ago

The movement system in BF3 is culmination of what they learned in Mirror's Edge...

There's no defined gameplay limitation within an engine that devs can't overcome... Especially with a tried and tested middleware like Unreal 3

Hufandpuf2836d ago

UE is easy to develop for, that's why a LOT of devs use it. It's cheap and doesn't require a lot of people. To me it's the best engine you can get for your money, but besides Mirror's Edge, every one of the UE games have the same distinct style. With ME I didn't know it was using the Unreal Engine until a year later.

That's why I think DICE decided to make it's own engine, to handle everything they have to throw at it, because right now, FB2 and Cryengine 3 are direct competitors against the technicality and versatility of the UE.