FFXIV: Letter from the Producer, XVI

Final Fantasy XIV's latest letter from the producer (Naoki Yoshida AKA Yoshi-P). The Letter details the planned major changes for patch 1.19.

Which includes details about Chocobos, the new materia system, major battle system changes, and much more.

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Kamikaze1352835d ago

CANT WAIT! But whatever happened to getting 1.19 AND 1.20 by the end of September? lol

Wolfmoonstrike2835d ago

Not a clue lol, but I went back to the game after patch 1.18. Its so much better than it was 6 months ago and way way better than when it first launched.

Honestly when I read this I couldn't contain my excitement lol. (much to my GF's detriment sense she was sleeping lol, She perked up though when I told her chocobo's and ifrit was coming)

rebirthofcaos2835d ago

well, may get it, but today i purchase aion, hope both are least aion was 7 dollars at amazon

dp2774072835d ago

Awesome, cannot wait for some of that stuff.

Agent_hitman2834d ago

Well I guess he was shy to tell us that the game is crap.... And SE still want this crappy game to be release on PS3, the question is, how much will be the monthly fee?