5 Reasons to be Excited for Deus Ex: Human Revolution | The Controller Online

The Controller Online writes: " There is plenty of information available on Eidos Montreal's upcoming Action/RPG/Shooter, Deus Ex: Human Revolution; videos, previews and even a couple of reviews of the PC version. It's unlikely you've managed to miss this one and it's easy to see that it's going to be fantastic in both the audio and visual departments. But, you've played tons of action games before and lots of them are pretty to look at, why should you pick up Human Revolution? Here are our top five reasons this game will stand out:"

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AngelGirl163082d ago

Im glad deus ex is back. This is the orginal WRPG and it going to be the best.

fluffydelusions3081d ago

Agreed. I have fond memories of the original.

sonicsidewinder3081d ago

Plus it's longer than 6 hours (for £40 - if not less)

jimjimsnap3081d ago

Can't wait, this game is going to be killer.