Nintendo: Ways To Boost 3DS Sales With iOS And Android

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Twenty-six years ago, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System (more commonly known as the NES) in the United States. This was by far the company's greatest test, as the American market had rejected video games, which resulted in the infamous 1983 crash.

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axisofweevils3083d ago

Not another one of these articles...

The only iPhone app Nintendo should make is one that says "Buy a 3DS you cheapskates!"

Samus HD3082d ago

enough with this already

charmer3083d ago

ios and android only appeal to non-gamers and passive gamers only...3ds will be fine

fatstarr3083d ago

no no no no no.

nintendo just release pokemon on psn/xbl cut them off once they get past the 1st badge...

thats basically what they are suggesting nintendo does.

-_- smh this website has no clue