Top Five - Animal Cruelty in Games

Pixels or Death's Patrick Lindsey writes:

"Ironically, while people fervently object to the killing of nazis, zombies, nazi-zombies, and other unsavory creatures of an objectively bad nature, the fact seems to often get overlooked that game violence can also spill over to the innocent bystanders. No, I’m not talking about the civilians in the airport mission of Modern Warfare 2 - I’m talking about the animals. Thus I’ve comprised this list of five of the most appalling instances of animal cruelty in videogames, with hopes that I may raise awareness of this important and oft-overlooked issue."

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DeeZee3084d ago

Surprised Pokemon isn't on that list.

theonlylolking3084d ago

Or any mario game. Basically every enemy mario is up against is a turtle.

BiggCMan3084d ago

Duck Hunt, definitely number 1 haha.

ATi_Elite3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Oh Gosh don't get PETA started.

why isn't....Duck Hunt or Big Game Hunter on this list.

I love bashing pigs in the head in Minecraft!
come here piggy!!! whap!

edit...BIGCMAN beat me by 2 minutes darn!

ATi_Elite3084d ago

Every good Nintendo game has large amounts of animal abuse in it. I'm starting to wonder about those Developers over there!

badz1493083d ago

you even get 2 trophies for killing chickens for no reason...and not to mention, with grenades! what the hell did those chickens do to deserve a grenade spanking anyway?

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LoaMcLoa3084d ago

Surprised that they didn't include Fragile Dreams on that list. You only kill ghosts of dogs and birds in that game x)

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aharshberger3084d ago

Really, there's so much 'animal cruelty' in games that making a definitive list is impossible. amirite?

Tuxedo_Mask3084d ago

Interesting, so when will we see a top five for murder in video games? Oh, wait...

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The story is too old to be commented.