Rein admits Europe may not see UT3 for PS3 this year

Epic Games' Mark Rein says that he hopes Unreal Tournament 3 will be released on PlayStation 3 this year but he doesn't think it will make Europe until 2008. "Right now we're very close to a release candidate, and we should have it finished by the end of this week," said Rein. "Then we send it off and it's just a matter of what happens from there. We think there's a very solid shot we'll get out this year - I don't know about Europe. Europe's a problem because the certification process in Europe takes longer."

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TheMART4046d ago

What the hell... Europe gets screwed again?

I Make Stuff Up4046d ago

Change the long certification process and you might get games at the same time as the rest of the world.

Mr PS34046d ago

Have you ever sucked one off

ErcsYou4046d ago

Again,,,and again...and again..
You act suprised but just about every game released in Europe is after the US version..
After 2-3 years Mart, you still haven't changed..

Swatfish4046d ago

" What the hell... Europe gets screwed again? "

Your Xbox get screwed again,fanboy xD

TheMART4046d ago

@ Ercsyou

Kind of strange then. XBOX 360 games are released about on the same time for Europe as in the USA. And if they're after that, it's only a few days or max a week or so.

But PS3 stuff is delayed months. PS3 itself: USA nov. 2006, EUrope March 2007. Games the same, now we see UT3, before Christmas in USA, somewhere in 2008 EUrope. It's stupid.

Kaneda4046d ago

You're in the wrong article fool! this is PS3 news... go back to your 360 troll!

Evil0Angel4046d ago

just relase the dam thing this year

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Neurotoxin4046d ago

What do you care Mart....

I care though. That is indeed bad for us Europeons.

Vip3r4046d ago

What site and for how much can I import it from NA?

Nicosia4046d ago

We europeans get screwed always with the dumbass rating system down here. The rating system is a joke btw.

BrianC62344046d ago

Mark Rein talked about how in Europe the review process takes longer because of all the languages. We just have English in the U.S. so it's one language to review and approve. Maybe Europe should decide on one language. At least for games.

Nicosia4046d ago

We have a rating system also here, sometimes it can cause a delay. But the language thing isn't realy substanstial; we all play them in English.

Noodlecup4046d ago

Are you actually a EuropeAN or was that spelling mistake on purpose :p

Baba19064046d ago

if he spelled european wrong and not on purpose he isnt a european or what? u do know that most of europe doestn speak english right? =D

urban bohemian4046d ago

No but changing European to EuroPEON is an insult so it could be a 'funny' joke, look up PEON on wikipedia if you want. More likely a spelling mistake.

Baba19064046d ago

well in that case.... hihi.

Neurotoxin4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Its a pun mate ;), you know a play on words. I`m far from illiterate, to actually spell something like that incorrectly when english is my native language is just plain stupid. Besides i use the spell check everytime.... ;)

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