Nintendo: Learning From Past Mistakes

Right around E3 of 2010 Nintendo wowed the world with talk of a handheld, 3D capable gaming system that wouldn’t require the use of a cumbersome ocular aid. From that point in time, crazy rumors and speculation such as “ZOMFG IT’LL BE LIKE HOLOGRAMS RIGHT?!” littered just about every social media feed and forum that pertained to gaming. Most gamers seemed to feel that the 3DS would truly change the face of handheld gaming, but the console went through a pretty rough launch and had disappointing sales figures. This has a lot of people worried about the success of the upcoming Wii U, but there are five little things Nintendo can keep in mind when the time comes.

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Moduserous3079d ago

Yes - things like, "Don't launch a console without a good starting out library to back it up."

I've lost all faith in Nintendo. The Wii is a joke and collects dust in my entertainment center. Shoot - when I have people over I tuck it behind a chair so no one knows I've got it.

Raven_Nomad3079d ago

I bet you have a PS3, that launched with terrible games. Did you lose faith in Sony?

Nintendo is just finding out what Microsoft and I thought Sony knew, there is currently a economic recession, a new handheld at $250 no matter what games were available just isn't a smart investment.

If Nintendo is smart they will release the Wii U for under $300 and that will get people buying and believing in Nintendo again.

The economy is too bad right now to release a console for $599 US dollars anymore.

3079d ago
firemassacre3079d ago

i can smell the troll in you a mile away. dont try to play it off like your not biased.

Anon19743079d ago

Technically the recession ended 2 years ago in the US with a pretty modest recovery, and in times of a recession, spending on things like videogames tends to increase. During the worst of the recession, PS3 and Wii sales were up with only the 360 slowing down from pre-recession numbers.

No one has lost faith in Nintendo, they've just had a good run and now they're slowing down. It's the natural cycle. And Nintendo has had some of the best selling games of all time this generation. 28 million for MarioKart? 22 million or something for Super Mario Bros? That's crazy. That being said, I think Nintendo needs to keep the price of the Wii-U down as well - but not because people own't pay $600 for a console, because that's not the demographic the Wii-U is aimed at.

darthv723079d ago

I can only think of two real mistakes Nintendo made in their past. The first being contractual obligations prohibiting companies that make a game on the NES from releasing games (even if they were different games) on another platform. Thus creating the first monopolistic exclusivity situation in gaming.

And their second was the virtualboy for obvious reasons. Other than that, everything they have made has made them $$$. From the NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii and the gameboy and its siblings.

Many could look at the pricing of the 3ds as a mistake. Yet, how are we so sure that the 169 price point isnt what they intended to go with all along? You cant really blame them for trying to sell up to the popularity of the brand.

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pondaboba3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I just can't justify buying a console with only remakes fleshing out the library. Nintendo makes me so mad sometimes.

RoboSpiff3079d ago

Hopefully the Wii U will change that. Keep the strong 1st party stuff and allow 3rd parties to include great titles as well. I see potential in the Wii U, but only if they utilize it properly. Oh and Nintendo needs to pull their head out of their ass and localize Xenoblade and Last Story.

TacoTaru3079d ago

Unless those games get localized I will not buy a Wii U. Already have a 3DS so I can't not buy it in protest or I would not buy it.

badz1493079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"Keep the strong 1st party stuff and allow 3rd parties to include great titles as well"

you said it like Nintendo doesn't allow 3rd parties to make good games on the Wii! the real problem with the Wii library is 3rd parties almost always only want to ride on its huge install base thus you can see many half-ass games on Wii which unfortunately heavily outnumber the good ones!

RoboRyan3079d ago

I have want to have faith in Wii U, but until I learn more about it and what games it's going to have I don't know what to think. Wii had such great sales and cornered a huge amount of the casual gaming audience that it's hard to think Wii U couldn't be successful, but after the problems Nintendo has had selling 3DS, who knows? I agree better advertising and first party titles are key. Maybe we'll hear something new at Gamescom.

Rrobba3079d ago

Hopefully they learned from 3DS launch.

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