Sengoku Preview (EmptyLifebar)

"Paradox Interactive is no stranger to compelling and enjoyable grand strategy titles for the PC. Some of their previous games have featured the island of Japan as a playable country, but before now none have focused on it alone. Sengoku for the PC is a grand strategy title that highlights the period in Japanese history known as the Sengoku: a period in which rival clans were vying for control over sections of Japan in order to become the shogun or military ruling warlord of all Japan."

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DemCowboys3936d ago

A suicide stat? what the hell

AerotheAcrobat3936d ago

if the samurais didn't have honor they would committ seppuku

ViktorZangiev3936d ago

Do we really need another strategy game? There are tons of them.

GreasyBacon323936d ago

Perhaps the same could be said of all video games.