Leaked Footage Emerges For Cancelled PS3 Exclusive Eight Days Which Sony Described as “Jaw Dropping”

LegitGamer - Cancelled footage for Sony's PS3 exclusive, Eight Days, has emerged.

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rabidpancakeburglar3078d ago

The destruction looks amazing, not a fan of the vid being youku as that's pretty slow for me

Peppino73078d ago

That looks exactly like the frostbite 2 engine! /s

SilentNegotiator3078d ago

You're right to be sarcastic....there isn't enough dust/smoke in this game to be running on the frostbite engine.


Peppino73078d ago

Ummm that was supposed to be sarcastic. did i not use the right backslash s?
would i have gotten agrees if i said COD engine?
i don't get it

gaffyh3078d ago

This looks like pretty much made, and it looks damn good. Hope they revive it, even though it looks like Naughty Dog got many ideas from it.

jaosobno3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Why in the hell was this canceled?! It looks great!

3078d ago
Istanbull3078d ago

This+Getaway 3 for PS4, please Sony!

AngryTypingGuy3078d ago

Jaw-dropping in a good way or a bad way? The game looked mediocre to me.

AngryTypingGuy3077d ago

If this game was being published by MS all of you disagreers would have agreed with me.

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SilentNegotiator3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

ARGH. Why did someone have to leak this?? Cancelled game footage is always torture.

The other day, I was watching footage of a ps1 Superman game that looked....GASP...PLAYABLE. And footage of a Flash game (the superhero....what were YOU thinking?).

Tired3078d ago

The soundtrack alone made me want it.

EZMickey3078d ago

Footages ''Emerges''? There was plenty of footage of this game years ago.

If memory serves, 8 Days and The Getaway PS3 were both put on indefinite hiatus so that Sony may apply it's resources to more established IPs.

If I had to guess, I'd say 8 Days got dropped because new IPs are not only risky but costly and Sony already has a brilliant Third Person Action game franchise, Uncharted, that 8 Days just didn't match up to in terms of quality or set itself far enough apart from.

Pacman3213078d ago

Remember the game is on hold, it is not cancelled.
I think that they didn't want this to compete with Uncharted, so they put it on hold until the uncharted trilogy has been released. Then Naughty Dog will be most likely working on something else (Maybe a new IP or sequel to Crash Bandicoot), and then Eight Days resumes its development!
Well...that's my theory anyway.

fr0sty3078d ago

perhaps testing the waters to see if a revival would be a good idea or not?


If memory serves me right, it was put on hold firstly because Sony wanted London studios to focus on Home. But quite frankly, Home is out for a long time now and I hardly believe it takes that much people to keep it going, so you can be right there for why they didn't got back to this game.

And for the next ND game, although I want Crash by ND as much as the next guy, this is not going to happen. They left it behind a long time ago, when they choosed to be brought by Sony and Universal retained the IP.

I don't think the IP holders today are interested in exclusives, Sony isn't interessed in assigning a big studio for a multiplatform and definetely ND isn't the "revisiting the past" kind of developer. So don't count on it...I may have to eat my worlds, but I really doubt it'll happen.

DeadlyFire3077d ago

I personally believe they hit a performance hiccup with the game. Didn't wanna sacrifice anything from it so they decided to put it on hold until the next generation for more power to execute the game in a better way.

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Undeadwolfy3078d ago

If the video gets taken down I've uploaded it to here so people can see it.

Liquid_Ocelot3078d ago

We're thanlkful for that^

Gray-Fox-Type03078d ago

this was described as jaw dropping?....looked generic tps mix between army of two & kyne and lync. They should of not said anything.

The_Con-Sept3078d ago

You fail to realize that this game is still a work in progress. This looks like an early build to me because the 8 Days we all saw in 2006 was much more fluid in animation and presentation.

NeoTribe3078d ago

It looks like a GOOD kyne and lynch. Animation was fluid and reaslistic. Music was pretty gay though. Video quality was also garbage.

subtenko3078d ago

Epic intro is epic. Dude with the glasses reminds me of Sawyer from LOST, haha. What im wondering is, which is gonna be more amazing, Eight Days or Agent? Then again Eight Days was put on hold, and Im not sure how long Agent has been in development, but both games are taking a LONG time to come out. This is gonna be fun

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Sony3603078d ago

Looks like it used Red Faction level destruction too. Shame it's cancelled.

showtimefolks3078d ago

but sony i think are testing to see where this game stands and i believe this will see a release date in 2012-2013

betaway 3
eight days

were only put on hold according to sony president of europe to finish the ps MOVE. And since that has launched and done quite well i believe development on both of these games will start soon or already started again

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Septic3078d ago

Wow!! Oh come on...someone revive this!

TreMillz3078d ago

Oh hell no Sony, You HAVE to resume this project just imagine todays graphics and use of the gpu and CELL or watever, this could be the bar setting game for Co-op Petition time oh hell they never work...

M4I0N33078d ago

I blame Shuhei Yoshida (President, Worldwide Studios, Sony) for cancelling this project aswell as Getaway 3. If only Phil Harrison stayed a year or two longer, this game would've been alive!

sinncross3078d ago

You do know that whem thir was cancelled it wasnt very far along. Sony needed to pump resources at the time into games that were closer to completion. That said, id love for this and getaway to be finished

mastiffchild3078d ago

The resources went into Eyepet, move and home. Not many games that we care about today, not at all. Also, this and theGetaway being canned(or whatever, they aren't coming back) meant the end of London SCE as a game making entity and now they focus on casual stuff and Singstar etc. They also left Cambridge as, seemingly, every OTHER studio's best mates by farming their talent out to all Sony projects with any difficulties from HS to KZ2 and a million PSP games while the only PS3 games being made in the UK were at Liverpool/Evolution with M'storm and Wipeout.

andibandit3078d ago

OMG This game looks NEXT GEN

WhiteLightning3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

They look differen't from the 2006 trailer unless this was before they changed them

But why the hell did the cancel this. I'm not a fan of co-op based games but this looked amazing.

nightmarex1213078d ago

My guess probably b/c of money not enough of it.

Micro_Sony3078d ago

I heard it was because Sony decided to focus on Eye Pets.

DragonKnight3078d ago

Can't believe 6 people agreed with you so far.

limewax3078d ago

That might be something to do with the fact hes speaking the truth

Why o why3078d ago

why??, cause the dude has a mullet?? ;)

JellyJelly3078d ago

Uncharted meets Kane & Lynch. Looks pretty darn sweet yet a tad sluggish. Might just be the video framerate.

NarooN3078d ago

Yeah the video framerate was pretty choppy. The game looks great, especially considering that footage was from a very early build.