Dark Souls Gets Rated. Details "Exposed Buttocks"

"The ESRB have rated Dark Souls for PS3 and 360."

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rabidpancakeburglar3084d ago

Haha I was wondering what the title meant

himdeel3083d ago

Demon buttock?! Guess where the sword is going?! Or where that weak point is?! Yep! You guessed it...the eyes!


Supman3084d ago

I wish it would tell
me the full summary.

fluffydelusions3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

It still amazes me how big a deal people make of nudity lol. Especially compared to far worse things.

Myst3083d ago

People get so embarrassed over nudity and sex for some reason...

Bimkoblerutso3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Well, to a certain degree I can understand trying to keep a bit of sex away from the kiddies, but nudity itself is not overtly sexual. A boob and a butt are not going to scar our children for life.

Myst3083d ago

Yeah sex in a way but the way I see it sometimes people allow violence over sex and I'm not sure why...Nudity itself really confuses me as to why it scares them as well..

JellyJelly3083d ago

Not people per se but religion. It's laughable how politicians condemn games and movies for showing a bit of teet and then give Jesus the finger by going to war and killing people, instead of turning the other cheek.

Religion has only ever been a means for the government to control the masses.

Myst3083d ago

Yep. Life becomes so much better ( in certain aspects ) when you can make your own choices and such.

Pacman3213083d ago

I agree with your last sentence, i only just started to realize how the people above us are taking advantage of religion to control people, Hell, maybe religion was made for that reason in the first place.

JellyJelly3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

@Pacman321 - I think it started as folk tales and then people realized the power of it when told as fact.

The best modern example of how susceptible we are to religion is scientology. At the same time most of us look as scientologists as crazy cult followers we tend to accept and show respect to followers of christianity, islam etc. Only reasons we do this is because they are older and more widespread. Not because they are less farfetched and crazy.

nightmarex1213083d ago

if a guy see another guy dick they be like wtf eww and shit that pretty much how people view nudity.

kza3083d ago

LOL people who get offended need to realise its just a game its not real. Dark Souls is going to be amazing!!

Kee3083d ago

This is not the kind of article I thought I'd be posting my 1000th comment on.

Scantily clad enemies....

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