OXM UK Preview: Soul Calibur 5, or Soul Calibur 4.5?

OXM UK: "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. It is our greatest pleasure to present the reinvented, ground-breaking cast of Soul Calibur 5. Give a big hand to... Siegfried! Now with volumised hair and mood-enhancing facial scar! Ivy! Now 10% saggier, 41% more respectably dressed and thus 32% less likely to be burned in effigy by fundamentalist mobs! Pyrra, Sophitia's daughter! A lot like Sophitia, only not quite so bloody self-righteous! Natsu! Basically Taki with a splash of Rikku from Final Fantasy X! Patroklos, Sophitia's son! Secretly Lizardman disguised as late '90s Haley Joe Osment! Zwei ! "The original one"! Welcome back to the stage of history... where, it seems, remarkably little has changed."

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dirigiblebill3085d ago

In fairness, Soul Calibur is a long, long way from the worst example of character reuse in a fighting game. CoughSFcough.

zerocrossing3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

So you're bashing Soul Calibur 5 for not being different enough? Look at Tekken and Street fighter, they're pretty much the same every game minus the graphical and gameplay updates.

Namoco Bandai is trying to take Soul Calibur 5 a step forward, by introducing new characters in a new timeline while at the same time trying keep some of the more popular characters in the game. They are also revamping and tweaking the combat system and balancing the old and new characters so that new and old fans can enjoy.

It doesn't sound like Soul Calibur 4.5 to me

Queasy3085d ago

So is it essentially just new skins of the same fighters?

e-p-ayeaH3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

No its Soul Calibur 4 because the previous one was 3.5