Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory HD on PS3 Gameplay First Mission (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "Here's another look at the Splinter Cell HD trilogy released this week on PSN. Today we are having a look at a fan favorite in the series of Splinter Cell which is the third release known as Chaos Theory."

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iamnsuperman3077d ago

I found this one the best one out of the three. It looks good and the missions are more fun.

Sub4Dis3077d ago

They did a great job with the choices you had in this game. It's really impressive looking too for a last gen game. I bought all these on xbox when they came out (2nd one was my first xbox live game), and i had forgotten i much i enjoyed them. i will definitely be picking up the HD trilogy when they're released.

cj1pate1013077d ago

This port has no versus mode =/.

Sub4Dis3077d ago

awe man, wtf. i was gonna ask that. that's a major disappointment. still gonna get em though.

meetajhu3077d ago

I remember playing this on my PS2. The only problem is its too dark coz of no HDR and most of the time your in night or heat vision. Atleast they should have added HDR in the remastered version.

e-p-ayeaH3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Oh man it really feels good to see these classics again with improved visuals on consoles.

Id love to see Black remastered in HD!

cj1pate1013077d ago

Just dl the steam version for 5 bucks its the same thing ... with the versus mode still intact.

e-p-ayeaH3077d ago

You gotta understand i dont have patience for PC gaming its to picky and uncomfortable.

Miiikeyyy3077d ago

Not everyone enjoys pc gaming you know

peowpeow3077d ago

He only suggested the PC version because it exists. No need for that

wenaldy3077d ago

Chaos Theory > Conviction

ape0073077d ago

absolutely, it's one of my favorite games ever

newleaf3077d ago

both can be playeduno xbox 360 fortunately

cj1pate1013077d ago

Hey bubs wenaldy iam talking to you! Did you retards ever stop to think this version doesnt include the only reason worth playing this game.. hmm what could that be the fucking versus mode. God you kids have no idea do you? Dl the steam version for 5 damn bucks and play online like the rest of us already do! The pc version looks exactly the same as this with the mp. You have a shit load of catching up to do.

Corrwin3077d ago

I was hoping there'd be more colour to this HD gimmick :| Glad I skipped to the end!

cj1pate1013077d ago

Smart observation my man that's because ubisoft didnt do anything but up ress this old game.

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