MW3, Twitter reveals COD4 guns, new game modes and more

Robert Bowling aka FourZeroTwo has been busy on Twitter revealing minor details regarding Modern Warfare 3. Check out the link to find out all about what has been revealed.

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Inside_out3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling doesn't dislike Treyarch, he actually HATES Treyarch and has had a very public exchange of words with these guys in the past BUT, he should be doing what is in the best interest of the game and taking out features that gamers have grown accustomed to might not be the best idea.

I understand he wants to differentiate MW3 from Black ops but in terms of the co-op and multi-player, some of the ideas should stay.

I really wished they had gone with a 4 player spec's a natural progression and would really make that co-op explode. Gears, Halo and yes Robert, Black ops Zombies, all feature at least 4 players.

Everybody know Treyarch has been riding Infinities coat tails this gen but it's time to move fun as it is to see this kind of thing play out. I suspect Rob might be the next to defect to Respawn BUT sticking it to Treyarch seems to be his goal in life right now...LMAO

Bonobo123453078d ago

wtf I actually agree with you for once!?

Flashwave_UK3078d ago

wats with u lol u said something ok but your wierd ??.

DirtyLary3077d ago

I wish they'd just drop theses spec ops and co-op modes. They are a waste of resources. We all know people play COD games for the competitive multiplayer. I would rather see these resources used on deeper game modes, weapons, and maps. Like BOP's tv mode, what a wastes of memory that could've been used to make things higher quality than the low res mess we got.

Ezio20483078d ago

i agree with you, but all in all, we gamers should be in the interest of games rather
than game developers controversies....
Thumbs UP!!!! If u guys agree with me...:-)

AngelicIceDiamond3078d ago

Still waiting on the "Shock" factor.

Buho3078d ago

Woot! The MP5 is back! :D

My favorite gun out of all the guns in cod4 and mw2. I just hope mw3 is less like mw2 and more like the brilliant game that was cod4. That game was perfection. Played it for years!

Kee3078d ago

Yeah, the old MP5 is much better than the MP5K. And yeah, here's hoping.

krazykombatant3077d ago

MP5K in black ops is probably the best starter gun at least until you unlock the famas.

KillerPwned3078d ago

Gun game bro....We need gun game.

KillerPwned3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Ha you fucking kidding me i had that game since launch.

One of the best FPS ever...

But gun game was probably my most favorite thing in BO.

DtotheRoc3077d ago

LOL someone actually is aware that treyarch ripped off other games with their so-called wager matches?! amazing. i mentioned counterstrike when gun game was first announced and how it took way more skill to compete the tiers and they everyone was like what are you talking about...ignorance of gamers and all these too young too appreciate innovation--and tradition for that matter--consolized children

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The story is too old to be commented.