Images Bodycount

Today, a company (Codemasters) publisher and developer of new images of the game Bodycount, us to see the photos on the Games gold

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Supman2840d ago

I really feel sorry for this developer,
this game is gonna fail very badly...

JellyJelly2839d ago

The developer you speak of made one of, if not the best, FPS game of last gen. Bodycount does look a bit generic but I feel it might be a sleeper hit.

Ares842839d ago

Last Codemasters FPS I played was Operation Flashpoint Red River and that was terrible.

So I'm not too hopeful for this but will give it a shot.

JellyJelly2839d ago

@Ares84 - I'm referring to Black.

joydestroy2839d ago

i loved Black so i'm trying to hold out for them. def waiting to see how reviews go though before i consider buying it.

Trenta272839d ago

Black is the best FPS I have ever played. This just looks like a failure. Where is the Black sequel we all are waiting for? Bodycount looks like it doesn't fit that bill.