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Football Manager 2011 was my favourite game this year, and now Sega and sports interactive have released Football Manager 2012 which allows you to take control of any club in over 50 nations across the world, including all of the biggest leagues across Europe. The game is well renowned for being one of the deepest most engrossing games in the world.

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kharma453083d ago

And there goes hundreds of hours of my life again...

Most addictive game ever.

waltyftm3083d ago

I love these games, the original Champ manager games that i had on my pc were played on around 20hrs of the day, every day for about 5 years straight.

lelo2play3083d ago

"Football Manager 2012 Announced"

No sh*t !!!

They release it every year. It's the same game with a few updates... and i will still probably buy it :(

gravv3083d ago

i hope it comes in november so i can wait for about a month and buy when steam christmas sale rolling... :D

kharma453083d ago

It'll not be discounted by all that much in the sale, never really is.

Your best bet is to wait for the price of the disc version to crash, buy it and register the serial with Steam and download it :)