Borderlands 2 missions 'three times bigger in scope'

Gearbox promises a "more dynamic experience" for sequel

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Lirky2835d ago

Only peeve i have with borderlands1 was the scavenger hunts to find rifle scopes etc. Because the diamond shaped quest marker would point on the map in the direction of the area where the scope would be located.

And then you look all around for 4hrs+ and still not find the last piece to the quest. I hope borderlands 2 gets rid of all scavenger hunts.

Lazy_Sunday2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

That sounds great--I just hope they're not saying that my Borderlands 2 missions will involve me running all over the damn world. I think three times as much Borderlands 1 missions would keep the pace of the game, as well as a higher level cap. 69 gets boring after a while, and I would have played that game forever had the level cap been nonexistent.