EA Confirms 'All New Game Announcements' For Gamescom

NowGamer: EA has revealed that it will announce new titles during it's Gamescom press event.

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Rrobba3083d ago

Great! Can't wait to see what gets announced!

skyward3083d ago

Syndicate has to one of them. Others will probably be mobile or something.

Lucreto3083d ago

Crysis 1
Mirrors Edge 2
Left 4 Dead PS3
Mass Effect 3

DeadlyFire3082d ago

Crysis 1. Almost confirmed. 99% likely.
New syndicate game. Pretty much its make or break time for it to be shown.

Timesplitters 4?
Battlefront secret project? (Possible Primary/Secondary publisher of title)
Medal of Honor 2 likely
Mercs Inc?
Mirror's Edge 2 is maybe, but its far out right now. So it might not be announced til later.

L4D, BF 3, ME 3 are already announced and will be there. Well except L4D.

EA picks up pretty much any 3rd party game so it could be anything from new IPs as well.

Skate-AK3083d ago

I want a new Mercenarys using Frostbite 2. If they own the rights anyways.

Convas3083d ago


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