Modern Warfare 3 Wallpapers In 1080P HD

Check out these Modern Warfare 3 Wallpapers in HD.

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humado3081d ago

too bad the game is not in 1080p on consoles :(

SantistaUSA3081d ago

Agreed, at least I'm hoping that it won't be as buggie as BO!

Miiikeyyy3081d ago

They all look shit, someone slapped these up in 2 minutes

rajman3081d ago

lol I think someone was after hits for their website

Kee3081d ago

I got one of these as part of my amazon pre-order bonus and I have to say, what a terrible idea it was to give that out as an "exclusive" bonus when you can easily find it on the internet somewhere.

Not complaining, it is cool, but it fails as an "exclusive bonus"

red2tango3081d ago

Why do these things get approved? It's a wall paper not news.

Kee3081d ago

To be fair it's images. There is a tag for that and they've used it. They have one for assassin's creed, too, I noticed.