Four Games That Should Not Have Been Cancelled

VelocityGamer writes:

"Due to the incredible number of titles available, people sometimes forget that there are some games that never see the light of day, despite a fantastic premise. Sometimes the reasons for the cancellation are valid, other times it just seems ridiculous. Some of them seem to be bona fide system sellers, while others may have offered an experience that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Here's just a few that could have been great."

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NukaCola3083d ago

I was sad when B.C. was cancelled. It was an open world prehystoric game on the original Xbox. Peter Molyneaux talkerd about the dinosaurs and the AI. The screens were awesome. You were part of a tribe, and just lived in a fantastic age. You could literally follow a raptor as it hunt some deer, then kill the dino for double meat. And it was looking really impressive, but sadly cancelled. Fable never filled the void that that Lionhead Studios game left. I hope the still make it someday.

guitarded773083d ago

Star Wars Battlefront 3!!!

iamnsuperman3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

"It would have been something entirely different for shooter games, eschewing the typical macho supersoldier ideals to present a much more realistic take on things. It also drew on elements of psychological horror, through the constant tension of being in a war zone and being fully aware of that. Just how realistic it was (regenerative health system? One-shot kills?) we will likely never know. Besides, aren’t we tiring of the same dull archetypes when it comes to shooters? A true war simulator would have been fantastic."
That kind of all ready exists in games (ARMA for instance). They are not hugely popular. Six Days in Fallujah had no chance and shouldn't be made. Not on a moral level but a practically level. What makes this genre great is the freedom on where you go with a big open world. It would be too scripted.

I personal didn't want eight days, the getaway and star wars battlefront 3 to be cancelled. (I would also add Timesplitters 4 but if rumours are right that is not actually cancelled.)

Cloudberry3083d ago

WTF they didn't even finished with the demo project yet...

Staypuftafroman3083d ago

Announcing a demo project for a long awaited sequel and then cancelling everything is pretty fucked up on Capcom's part.

Quagmire3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Armada of the Damned.
Turok 2.
Split/Second 2.

The real kicker? Disney owned the IPs, and shutdown the developers making them.

Hockeydud193083d ago

Didn't even know Turok 2 was in development? Man I really want a good dino hunting game to come out for the consoles. I mean carnivores is still making money with its release on Ipod.

Quagmire3083d ago

People are too busy trying to trump COD with its terrible and derivative FPS, but god forbid someone actually tries to do something innovative or different by adding new mechanics and setting and objectives with the inclusion of dinosaurs.

flipmop443083d ago

I definetly would hace played at least 3 of those if not all 4, I hate reading about canceled games I know I would have played.

Hockeydud193083d ago

Makes you want to become a game developer just so you can revive those games haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.