D3 on why next-gen learning curve hurting Japanese industry, Dark Sector, Puzzle Quest

Talking to Gamasutra as part of an in-depth new interview, D3 Publisher of America COO Yoji Takenaka has been discussing the state of the Japanese game biz, suggesting the "learning curve" of PS3 and Xbox 360 development "is hurting the industry" in Japan.

Takenaka explains that the expense of development has something to do with it: "It takes money -- 10 or 20 million dollars for the first title on the PlayStation 3. I think Japanese publishers are treating 360 like a second or third format, or not thinking about it, except for bigger publishers. That learning curve is hurting the industry, I think.

At the same time, Nintendo's business model is great. Selling hardware at a low price point... it's very affordable, whereas 360 is more expensive, and the PlayStation 3 is initially a big loss. That's why I think Nintendo's gaining more share. It's like 70 or 80 percent of the business is Nintendo, now, in Japan."

In the full feature, Takenaka talks beyond Puzzle Quest, the title that put the publisher on the map in the U.S. to the early 2008 release of its Digital Extremes-developed Dark Sector, providing a candid and in-depth look at the little-known but significant publisher's business strategy for next-gen development.

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ruibing4046d ago

This could just be D3 crying out for attention because according to wikipedia, they really made a big impact game since Puzzle Quest. All their hope right now depends on Dark Sector and it really hasn't been attracting that much attention last time I checked.

BrianC62344046d ago

I guess my question tells you how much attention their game is getting because I don't remember if I even heard of Dark Sector. I probably did but I don't remember the game. I know I don't want it. Thinking like he said though is what's wrong in the gaming industry right now. No more long term thinking by a lot of companies. The PS3 is the console with the best long term life but it seems like a lot of companies prefer the Wii because it's selling to casual gamers. Casual gamers won't support the gaming industry and the Wii won't last five years. They're thinking too short term now.

bootsielon4046d ago

Just because of that, I'll buy more cereal than Nintendo products

AngryTypingGuy4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Dark Sector is an upcoming survival horror game. And by upcoming I mean in a year or so. It was featured in a past issue of Game Informer.

EDIT: Apparently, when I said "in a year or so", I meant it in dog years. It's coming out in early '08. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets delayed though.