GAME and Gamestation set to sell digital PlayStation 3 titles in stores

High street chain GAME are set to offer digital titles and content in-store starting with first party material such as God of War Collection, MAG and Killzone Steel Rain Map Pack.

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Tired3084d ago

I don't get it. Will the prices of these games fluctuate with demand like usual retail copies or will they remain as monsterously high as their online store counterparts?

Is this the publishers way of sneaking in digital distribution in a trojan horse like fashion before yanking the rug out from under the retailers feet.

I read the only reason digital titles are so high is because retailers would refuse to stock the physical discs. Once digital retail reaches a point whats to stop the publishers cutting their prices, still making the same amount of money and destroying retailers profits and the second hand market in one fell swoop.

extermin8or3084d ago

I think this is a good idea; they are keeping the retailers involved which should mean prices move unlike the current ones :@ and I presume if I buy one online I would get the code emailed to me to download my game= nea r instant deliveries :p I think this could be brilliant for digital distribution although if I'm wrong about the prices and the physical copies are still so much cheaper then personally I'd rather just wait the days delivery time :/

Disccordia3084d ago

The Game Group have already implemented this with Xbox Live content (add ons, points, subscriptions and arcade games) and it has done fairly well. In light of that, it was only a matter of time before PSN and I assume Steam in future was implemented in a similar matter.

tdrules3084d ago

1) Gamestation and GAME are owned by the same company
2) Create false competition
3) Price fix

mac_sparrow3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

except it's not working for them. Have you seen their recent share slumps?

5 years ago they had shares at 296p, and 3 years ago around 260, now they hover around the mid 20's.

I worked there at the time of the Gamestation acquisition. Gamestation's profits were 2m a year, they paid 72m for them, it was all about stopping anyone else from getting bricks and mortar stores in the U.K.

Edit: I'm not the disagreer btw. http://www.londonstockexcha...

Ness-Psi3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

also the fact that Game company bullied independent game shops out of buisness, now I have to walk in there while the staff slobber over your shoulder.

mac_sparrow3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

You don't have to do anything, I worked there for over 6 years, have excellent personal hygiene (should I be rude about you, as 2 wrongs and all that? It's easy to stereotype after all)and even I rarely purchased from the place, even at 25% discount. I used to shop online, and still do.

The reason that the staff now approach you with an overzealous manner is that they are tracked on things called KPI's. Once these were pushed by management and to the detriment of service I decided to leave.
Edit: I was fortunate and able had finished enough study to work in education, many other existing staff don't (yet) have this benefit of being financially able to leave.

I agree that some stores have staff that are overbearing, and uncomfortable to interact with, but this is not the case for King's Lynn I can assure you.

Ness-Psi3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

well hurrah for kings lyn lol. just wipe your chin on the way out.:)
also its game themselves who are forcing people to buy online only, I would rather walk into a games store as its my preference but if their gonna bully other shops and then moan about lack of sales its their own fault and deserve their demise.

mac_sparrow3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Oh look... bait.

It's painfully apparent that you have neither the capability or inclination of having a rational and constructive discussion. I had taken some of your points, repackaged them in a more acceptable manner, discussed them and given my opinion on them in order to further the point. You have, unfortunately, settled for a detrimental and menial rebuttal that simply highlights your inability to operate at any level higher than a bottom-feeder. (See, isn't it easy to be venomous, though you are quite inexperienced at it).

Edit: Nice stealth edit, and if you read both my posts I'm sure even one such as yourself (being rude again, such fun) would be able to comprehend that I in fact share your view that GAME are at fault. Holy reading comprehension Batman!

Anyway, this is not what my bubbles are for, and I feel you run the risk of monopolizing them in this fruitless exchange. May your (inevitable) reply be an end to it.

Ness-Psi3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I couldn't hear you through the slobbering. chill out and stop trying to be superior. it doesn't suit you.

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Alos883084d ago

At the same price as retail no doubt.

Soldierone3084d ago

Steam is the only digital store I know of that cuts prices often and on quality titles. EA does it SOMETIMES but go look at their digital store, they still have games for full price that are like ten bucks at retail. In some way I'm thinking Steam is only doing it to draw in more customers, once they get it full on they have no need to do it anymore.

This is why I hate it. We hear all the excuses in the world, but at the end of the day its all about the developers making more money. They cut the middle man out and suddenly they get ALL the profits with no fee's to sell a game. Look at Origin and EA. They already cut out Steam and are trying to drive traffic to themselves, if it was possible they'd do the same to consoles.

Go to PSN and XBL. Look at how many retail games are still listed for 40 dollars and up. MAG, Dragon Age, and so go to retail and notice how many of the SAME games are under 20 bucks.

"Oh we lose money on used games" so make a deal to NOT do that. Once they get this the next excuse will be "we can't handle server space" and you will be basically buying a contract to RENT games at which will disappear or transfer to new license numbers forcing you to buy them again.

mac_sparrow3084d ago

I agree, it's simple bait and switch, we should be worried about the future of the market as genuine competition seems to be dwindling in the face of digital downloads.

If Origin takes off then EA won't use anyone else for example.

In terms of pricing, the recent red faction was in stores for £15 recently, at the same time it was (and still is) priced at £57.99 on PSN.

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