Unreal Tournament III: Mark Rein on PS3, PhysX and Pwnage

In this interview, Mark Rein, vice-president of Epic Games, talks about:
• What the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III is like
• Keyboard and mouse support for the PS3 version
• If the PS3 and PC versions are truly compatible
• Unique features for the PS3 version
• PC support for PhysX in Unreal Tournament III
• DirectX 10 support (if any)
• Gears of War movie
• Uwe Boll
• The future for Epic

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happyjimmy4046d ago

This game is going to be great.

ruibing4046d ago

Agreed, hope it comes out later this year and is region-free so all PS3 owners can import it.

Apocwhen4046d ago

"“Well, the PlayStation 3 is a funny thing sometimes. I mean, we’ve put in this keyboard and mouse support but I don’t honestly think it’ll get used all that much. Who uses a keyboard and mouse to play on a console? You’d just use the PC version, right? It’s cool because it’s there if you want it, but I don’t think many people do.”"

I think it will be the opposite. Most people I know are getting this game on PS3 because it supports Keyboard/Mouse.

Darkiewonder4046d ago

For UT3.
Only if the game was crossplatform. then I would get the PC version while my friend gets the ps3 version ^^

Hapimeses4046d ago

Well, I'll certainly be using keyboard and mouse on my PS3.


solar4046d ago

yes sir! ill be using k+m. only with more fps's on the ps3 would. sigh...

that was a very entertaining article.

Baba19064046d ago

deffenitly not using keyboard and mouse. i love to play shooters with the sixaxis. it will probably bee more inaccurate but well=D. at least in COD4 it rules.

Azurite4046d ago

Yeah, he clearly underestimate the use of keyboard/mouse.
He'll see ;)

Hope there's no lock-on.

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happyjimmy4046d ago

I dont know why you would need a keyboard and mouse but i guess it could be a good thing

ElementX4046d ago

Who's going to sit at the coffee table with a keyboard and mouse? Most people I know game and relax on the couch. Are you going to balance the keyboard on your lap and move the mouse on the surface of the couch? Sounds uncomfortable to me, to say the least.

TheExecutive4046d ago

I actually made a little "tv dinner" tray that fits my keyboard and mouse on my lap... its actually quite comfortable. The simple fact is that the keyboard and mouse is the way to go when playing a fast paced FPS like this.

ElementX4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

The PS3 version is 20% slower paced than the PC version. The tray is a good idea, but I have a futon so the seat isn't level for a tray :(

Kleptic4046d ago

that is true...the game isn't any faster on the PC than Quake III or any other UT game...20% slower would probably bring it down to a comfortable speed for a sixaxis...

I will be using both...I recently got a 25" Samsung monitor to for when I dock my laptop...and it has an HDMI input, great for hooking up the PS3 when the main TV is tied up with someone else...

but it will mostly depend on what type of adjustments it allows...I like analog sticks to be pretty sensitive...but like a mouse to be sort of slow, but with normal acceleration (quick snaps to do 180s and stuff)...if there isn't anyway of adjusting the K/M settings just like the PC version, I won't bother...

Chubear4046d ago

You kinda tend to forget many PC gamers won't have PCs that can run this puppy properly. For these many PC gamers, the PS3 offers an incredible option of having high quality specs consistantly through the years. So for gamers that love the PC feel but don't have the finances to constantly upgrade (which is a hell of a lot of PC gamers) the PS3 is a great & very viable option. Much cheaper in the long run too.

rbanke4046d ago

Even if only some of us use it, the ps3 supports kb/mouse and developers should allways be interested in giving us more choices.

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scrillakiller4046d ago

damn the screen shots are incredible.this game looks way better than gears graphically.its going to be sweet.cant wait

Kleptic4046d ago

it is the flagship for UE3 right now...There isn't a game using UE3 that will look better, or have more use of the tools that UE3 allows...

a lot of people keep saying Mass Effect..which also looks really good...but even character models don't compare...but the speed, vehicles, size of the levels, weapons, and backgrounds/environments combine to be the most impressive visual onslaught (no pun intended) of this generation so far...

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