Deus Ex: Human Revolution On PC Won't Be A Piss Poor Console Port

Poor PC gamers lately have been getting the shaft when it comes to multiplatform games. Oftentimes the PC version - out of sheer laziness or in an attempt to spite pirates - of a multiplatform game is riddled with game inhibiting bugs, glitches or compatibility issues.

Well, Eidos is making sure that PC gamers can experience Deus Ex the way it was meant to be played with full DX11 support and a number of other niceties to ensure that PC gamers won’t be treated like the red-headed stepchild of the gaming community.

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yamzilla3084d ago

how do we get the shaft??

perfect 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p resolutions

anti aliasing up to 64x

no pop-in

no screen tear

higher resolution textures (carmack said rage will have 3x the textures of console version)

I don't get it, plus most of our games are cheaper, have mod tools and deicated servers with better communities

So if anything, console users get the shaft!

Every multiplatform game is better on pc!

Ranshak3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

The first para seems to be written by a console fanboy lol.

Even when a game is a console port it still runs better on PC and is cheaper. Yes PC gamers do complain but thats because they have higher standards, PC gaming by nature is oriented more toward the hardcore crowd. The reason most of the complains happen these days is when games are catered toward casuals. The reason you dont hear console gamers complain much is because console gaming is much more accessible toward casuals, hence a good pie of console gaming is taken up by that demographic of gamers they dont really mind if a game is easy to play(basically the crowd that would like to press 1 button to make big things happen).

Yes PC has its share of casuals too, however those are mostly limited to web browser games, for anyone who wants to be getting into these sort of games on PC they would need to research a bit hence there is a barrier to entry(its just not as open as console).

Devs these days tend to use the word "accessible" when they want to dumb a game down. I am sure even the hardcore console crowd do not like it when games are made for casuals.

ATi_Elite3084d ago

Not really! The multi-plats always look better on the PC plus end up having free DLC and Mods.....Have you not seen Bulletstorm and Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BFBC2 PC looks better than any console game ever).

Sure GTAIV was a shitey console port but thanks to PC Modders it quickly became the Superior version with a better MP, real cars, way more clothes, and Photo realistic graphics.

The only shaft PC Gamers get is when a PC game gets dumbed down for consolers other than that most multi-plats are not the types of games PC Gamers play anyway. Sure we play the RPG's but crap like Brink, Bodycount, Homefront, Bulletstorm are not gonna sale on the PC!

TheOtherTheoG3084d ago

You'd know that if you've played the leak. In terms of the quality of the port, it's pretty damn good.