No Credit? That's a Problem

How would you feel if you spent months, weeks - years - of your life on a project and weren't given credit? Oh, it has happened to you? One of Manhunt 2's "forgotten" producers and others speak out.

"The rule of 'If you're not there when the game ships, you don't get a credit' seems to be quite common," says former Rockstar Vienna producer Jurie Horneman. "This is probably caused by the tough crunch periods game development projects often have at the end. Living through those periods changes you and makes it very easy to say, 'Why should this person get a credit if he or she didn't go through hell with us?'"

"We ran into some nastiness with Nintendo this year," says Mike Wilson, CEO of indie game publisher Gamecock. "We actually discovered that it's 'illegal' with them, no matter how much we want to, to put the developer's name on the front of the box. It's actually in the licensing agreement that the publisher must be on the front and spine of the box, and the developer only on the back."

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