The Wii that Wasn't

Some of the most popular GameCube games would have actually made more sense on the Wii. Crazy theory? Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh examines the evidence.

Market analysts call the Wii a return to form after the relative flop of the GameCube. Design analysts call it a potential return to form after the relative rut of the previous fifteen years. Whatever the spin, when people look at Nintendo's recent misadventures, generally the GameCube sits right on top, doe-eyed and chirping. Its failure to do more than turn a profit has made its dissection an industry-wide pastime. Everything comes under the microscope, from its dainty size and handle, to its purpleness, to the storage capacity of its mini-DVDs. The controller, though, has perplexed all from the start.

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ChickeyCantor3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

wow talk about double post, how pathetic is this?
The hate for Wii is dramaticly pathetic.
the same freaking post thats already on N4G.

=/ this place is going to hell XD

cooke153994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Haven't you heard? This place is the real sony defence force. Take this for example. If there is a sales thread and Nintendo is way at the top the title will be like this "PS3 closing the gap on Wii" or "PS3 outselling Xbox360 2-1" even if Wii is outselling PS3 4-1 haha. Its very skewed, ive become used to it. The Sony fanboys live in their own little haven here with little contact to the outside world. Negative sony articles are reported as lame and spam while duplicate nintendo hate articles are posted with no problem at all.

TheMART3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Well Wii fans above, you have to be fair. The Wii is nothing more then the Gamecube in a new box and a Wiimote added.

RE4 look about the same. Imagine if Nintendo released a Gamemote that added motion sensing to the excisting game?

And what about the games/content? Besides Zelda, Mario there isn't much at all that's worth buying. Metroid Prime 3 yeah but the rest... Minigames, minigames, minigams, a lot of worthless minigames. WiiSports is fun though


To those below.

Wii not a Gamecube???

Wii Specs

* CPU: PowerPC-based "Broadway" processor, made with a 90 nm SOI CMOS process, reportedly† clocked at 729 MHz[44]
* GPU: ATI "Hollywood" GPU made with a 90 nm CMOS process,[45] reportedly† clocked at 243 MHz[44]


485 MHz IBM "Gekko" PowerPC CPU, Wii CPU is rougly 300 MHz overclocked
162 MHz "Flipper" LSI. 180 nm NEC eDRAM-compatible process. Co-developed by Nintendo and ArtX., the Wii has the overclocked model

I don't see multiple cores for the CPU like the 360 or PS3, nor any great GPU development. It's basically the same hardware as the Gamecube, just overclocked.

Hardware guys have said the Wii is about on par with the XBOX 1 in power. If someone says here that the Wii is about 50% to 70% more powerfull then the Gamecube, the XBOX 1 also was that much better? Sounds a bit strange to me for hardware that's 6 years old.

And still only 12 games are on or over 80% average reviewed score (Metacritics) which is pretty sad for a game that's out already a year. And the highest scoring ones? Yeah the games I mentioned: Mario, Zelda, Metroid Prime 3, RE4. Those large lists have a lot, a lot of bad games with low average scores.

I know I am walking over some Nintendo hearts here, but Nintendo is making money over your backs, selling overclocked Gamecube hardware in a new box, askign 250 Euro/Dollar for it while a Gamecube is only 69 Euro.

All Wii's sold, 66% is catching dust we recently read in a research article. Basically people buy the machine for the Wiimote gimmick and then there is not much to do on the console.

Seems the Wii is having the same trouble as the Gamecube. Mario, Zelda, more Mario and very few other great games.

cooke153994d ago

You see, you are wrong on so many levels. Wii is not a gamecube, the specs are clearly different, also its 1/4 the size of a gamecube. Re4 looks the same because it is a PORT. meaning its the same game as on the gamecube with added wii controller functions. There is no way in hell Super Mario Galaxy would play in it's current form on GC, same for MP3. Maybe if they cut the framerates in half. Wii is about 50-70% more powerful than Gamecube. But you cannot just look at straight numbers to come up with that, its also about efficiency and streamlining.

cooke153994d ago

funny, i own over 10 Wii games and none would be classified as mini games.

Metroid Prime 3
Super Paper Mario
Resident Evil 4
Batatlion Wars 2
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Sonic & the Secret Rings
SSX Blur
Zack & Wiki
Manhunt 2
Tiger Woods 08
Super Mario Strikers

Wii60PS3DSPSP3994d ago

Go back to hating Sony, you fail at doing it to Nintendo.

KnowitAll3994d ago

Allmost all are exclusive except for like 4
Final Fantasy
Dragon QuesT Swords
Swords of legendia
Golden Sun
Mana wii
Tales of Sympholia

Metroid prime
Medal of honor (32 players online)
Resident Evil
Red Steel 2

Zack and wiki
Mario Galazy
No More heros
Soul Calibur

Scary / M Rated-
Manhunt2 (only wii and ps2)
Disaster Day
Sthepen kings game

Command n Conguer
Trama Center
fire emblem

My sims
Harvest Moon
Animal Crossing

SSX Blur
Any Mario sport game
We love golf
a new waveboat game from n64

Super Smash bros
Dragon Ball z 3 (only wii and ps2)

Plus all other games other systems have wrestling/sports/ect... and Nintendo games pokemon,donkeykong,f-zero ect... games
Thiers just no way you can't say wii has no good games.

Thiers also some rumors of games coming 2008 that I woun't mention because people woun' believe it. like KH3/Skies of Arcadia ect...

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Basch3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Although I disagree with the notion that the article is out to get Nintendo, I still find the author's points fairly irrelevant. For one, since when is separating controls based on the hand necessary for the triggered action a bad thing in Metroid Prime? Eric-Jon says:

"Metroid Prime - Although this game makes perhaps the best ever use of the GameCube pad, that doesn't mean it's ideal! The controls are broken down into "left hand" and "right hand". Icons show hand gestures that Samus makes to change beams. Intriguing."

"that doesn't mean it's ideal!"

• Why isn't it ideal? It's logical, and therefore intuitive, to separate the controls like this. To jumble up actions makes things no clearer for the player and has made some games in the past unusable. The Wii version of Twilight Princess serves as a good example of separation by function: The right hand (Wii remote) is for the sword and other weaponry, items and aiming. The left hand (nunchuck) is used for the shield, navigation, targeting and first-person view. So you have battle-orientated controls in one hand and whole-body movement controls in the other.
At no point during this iteration of Zelda did I press an illogically-assigned button: it takes a nanosecond to work out the button for the function.

"Icons show hand gestures that Samus makes to change beams"

• What does this have to do with anything? The Wii remote is not built to recognise and transmit HAND gestures, just its relative position in 3D space. And besides, how awkward would that be? Assuming visor assignment would have to go somewhere else (this worked in Metroid Prime 3, and beam changing was scrapped), you'd have a very impractical control scheme indeed.

The rest of the article seems full of stuff like this – a critique of the GameCube based solely on how far ahead of its sixth-gen counterpart the Wii is, and not on the fact that the technology was nowhere near capable enough back in 2002 or whatever to justify a console based around it.
The main thing that gets me here is that it's completely unclear exactly what the author is trying to prove – all in all, this is just another petty retrospective.


Danja3994d ago

ohh so the Wii still can't even play DVD's...yup Gamecube in a lil white box...F-A-D..!!

Steelshaper3994d ago

It's fine that you think Wii is a fad. Because what you think and what really is dont have to match. But the fact that you think lack of DVD playback makes it a fad just shows how naive you are. I have a DVD player when I want to watch DVDs.

I'll admit I've thought about getting a PS3 for the Blu-Ray capabilities... but last I checked we're still going through a format war. So if HD-DVD wins... what's that added functionality gonna do now? Bigger and better games... yes. And that's what makes Blu-Ray fantastic.

But the point is... IT'S NOT ABOUT THE EXTRA THINGS YOU GET WITH A CONSOLE. IT'S ABOUT THE GAMES. It's called a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE. Not a mini multi-purpose computer.

ChickeyCantor3994d ago

if it had a DVD player, you would be bashing it because its not B-ray or HD-DVD.

S T F U.
sank joe

Danja3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

I was simply taking a jab at them for saying that the Wii will be able to play DVD's and a year later nothing...Jeez..I didn't state that it was a fad bcuz it couldn't play DVD's....I said a gumbecube in a lil white box..= FAD

The Wii fits into the "IT" ,"Must have it now" Category ne ways game on with ur mini-games and inferior graphics dude..!!

Nope if they did include a DVD drive I would just bash them on not having a HDD...ohh snap...they dont''!!

Steelshaper3994d ago

but on the same note I could say the PS3 falls into the 'IT' section. People HAVE TO HAVE it now... even though it uses a technology we may not even be using in 5 years.

The Wii graphics aren't as high tech as the 360 or PS3 but it does what the majority of people want in a game console. It has fun games. Most video game players aren't like you or I. They play to have fun. And Wii delivers that. And now that Nintendo is making so much money off their console they can afford to develop a new product sooner than Microsoft and Sony. And that next product could have the upgraded graphics, better technology and better games in a few years... when the technology is cheaper to produce.

Face it. The Wii puts Nintendo in the position to take control of the video game market. Not only do they have the brand association from old school gamers... they're creating new brand association with the DS and the Wii. And they have the money to get the hardcore gamers back.

Give it more than a year before you call it a fad.

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ChickeyCantor3994d ago

The mart, your comment was irrelevant to my comment, this is a double post, and the 4 disagrees just shows how pathetic it is around here.

and i don't really care if its just a gamecube, i want to play the games that Nintendo delivers, just like i got my self a ps2 for Shadow of the colossus and Xbox for halo.

Games matter, but it seems you cant understand that.

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