Five Commonly Overlooked Aspects of Mortal Kombat

Denkiphile writes: "Perhaps one of the most unfortunate similarities amongst fighting games is that there are always a number of aspects that are misunderstood or ignored amongst the inexperienced. Knowing everything there is to a fighting game is paramount in determining the probabilities of your wins, as well as setting yourself apart from the newbies and gimmick chasers. Mortal Kombat is no exception. Here are the top five most misconstrued elements of MK9. Pay attention: you might learn a thing or two."

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CrimsonEngage2835d ago

Very good read. I got hate mail the other day because some kid didn't like the fact i was using the block button.

willie322835d ago

The same thing happened to me too; called me a "blocking whore." Even better, I love the hate mail I get when an opponent does not block. He told me that I took the fun out of the game because I was too aggressive.

maxmill2835d ago

I love when people say i spam combos xD

Septic2834d ago

Yeah I decimate 90% of people on MK. People who turtle annoy me because they are only delaying the inevitable.