More character screens revealed for Skyrim

VGW: On the heels of the wonderful Dunmer release last week, Bethesda has released a few more screens of customer characters built in various game previews and if you thought the Dunmer looked good, you haven’t seen anything yet.

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Kee3937d ago

You could just imagine the first guy saying:

"This is the part where you fall down and bleed to death!!!!"

waltyftm3937d ago

Why no female characters, please tell me you can make female characters.

killyourfm3937d ago

Look closer, there is a female character and the author goes into detail about it.

waltyftm3937d ago

So there is, dunno how i missed those lizard tits, going to enjoy this game so much.

grailly3937d ago

darn you, now I'm wondering what lizard tits look like

bakagaijin783937d ago

The argonian pictured is female, but this is the only player-created female character I've seen so far.

killyourfm3937d ago

Perhaps that's a commentary on game journalists...

Drazz3937d ago

That redguard looks awesome!

zero_cool3937d ago

These are excellent quality screens many thanks to the sites journalist!