RipTen Review: Toy Soldiers: Cold War (XBLA)

RipTen - Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a sequel to last year’s highly successful action/strategy game Toy Soldiers. Not only does Toy Soldiers: Cold War fix every initial problem from its predecessor, it goes above and beyond. It takes downloadable arcade games to a new level, and a damn fine one at that.

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CrzyFooL3087d ago

Holy &^%$ 10/10?! I gotta get this

xPhearR3dx3087d ago

You should. I can't stop playing it. I can't remember the last time I played a downloadable title this good, and there have been some damn good ones too.

Micro_Sony3087d ago

Doesn't this come out on the 17th - how did you get an early copy? Lucky bastard.

I will be buying this game day one.

xtheownerzx3087d ago

wow I guess ima have to check this one out

Shaunass3087d ago


DeathStrikeVirus3087d ago

First glance, I was hoping this was a game based off of "Small Soldiers". Then I was hoping it would be a successor to the 3DO games "Army Men". Sadly it is none of those and a console game. >_>

xPhearR3dx3087d ago

The first one is coming to PC eventually, but the first game is more of an 8, maybe 8.5 if your lucky. This game blows it out of the water. Signal Studios really stepped their game up with this one.

ChiVoLok03087d ago

Wait so it's not on PS3? Sucks for me :(