Why is there so much negativity in the gaming community these days?

Gaming Console Network gives its opinion on the state of gaming 20+ years ago and a comparison to the current state of today's gaming community. Is there too much hatred and negativity in gaming today? Back in those days gamers had Peace, Love and Mario. Now gamers have War, Hatred and Call of Duty Sucks!

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Dante1123082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Amen. I know most of you said that there were some pretty BIG fanboy wars back in the day, but for me, I never really saw that much s*** talk like I do between people this gen (Xbox fanboys and Sony fanboys)...even when I went to different PC/Console community gaming events and contests back then, it was always pretty chill. "I gotta get myself one of those console X" or "Can I borrow your console Y or trade with you". I think it was more about which individual games most thought were good or bad than console bashing this gen.

Edit: Yeah, I think the internet might've played a big part as well. @ below So TRUE! Scores for game reviews didn't really make that big of a deal like this gen. 7-8? Great! Especially if you were anticipating that game (Dino Crisis, Resident Evil,...Bust a Groove *ducks down quick*)

MaxXAttaxX3082d ago

From the stealthiest kind sometimes found in gaming journalism and media, to the most blatant and loudest kind found in forums and comment threads.

darthv723082d ago

to be negative towards something you have no general interest in than actually being objective.

Many would rather slander a system than give it the time of day and see if for sure or not their actions are genuine.

Gaming is meant to be fun and entertaining. There is no reason to harp on someone for the system they choose. That is a sign of insecurity in your own choices.

To make yourself feel better you have to make the other person feel like crap has been a long standing tradition in society. Will it ever stop....not unless the person causing it wants it to stop within themselves.

BitbyDeath3082d ago

I'm gonna disagree and blame the media/internet.

Internet was not big back in the PS2 days and now there is a cesspit of websites trying to spin off all sorts of lies in order to get people to view their poorly thought out garbage.

LOGICWINS3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

There has always been negativity amongst the gaming community, its just that we are more aware of it now since the Internet gives EVERYONE a big voice.

Also, life becomes more complicated as u gt older. This means less time to enjoy games and more venting out frustration by arguing about gaming to whoever will listen.

jeseth3082d ago

The internet doesn't give anyone a big voice...

just an anonymous one.

Most of these fanboy whiners are total cowards.

Anon19743082d ago

Yep. Without a doubt the problem is the anonymity afforded by the internet and online gaming services. The generation today is growing up with a mic or keyboard in front of themselves where they can say whatever pops into their heads without any repercussions.

The trash talking that goes on now - can you imagine if back in the day playing Goldeneye if the type of talk happened? You'd never invite those kids over again to play, or your mom would most likely end up calling their moms to say wtf is wrong with your child.

Or, if you were in your 20's like me at the time, you'd probably just be playing Counterstrike anyway with text chat and if people got outta hand, you'd permabam them from your servers.

And now it permeates a lot of the media because negativity perpetuates itself, and it gets hits. There may have been just as much negativity back in the day, but you just couldn't spout it off whenever you wanted to without repercussions, or having your friends not want to come over and play Mario Kart with you anymore.

cb4g3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

@BitbyDeath: The thing is the media/internet is polluted with fanboys, so I guess you're both right.

@darkride66: "Negativity perpetuates itself, and it gets hits." That pretty much describes it all mate. Nowadays, even positive articles are met with vitriol from the gaming community and it's really tiring.

Ness-Psi3082d ago


I agree you would never hear the kind of talk you do now while playing mario kart on the snes or street fighter 2 turbo, you would have got beaten up for the kind of trash talk you hear now. and people would never let you round their house again.

evrfighter3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Don't know about anonymity being the reason darkride. I got into a couple fistfights over goldeneye due to my smack talking in my day. I also still say the same things about ps3 and cod at work when the topic is brought up.

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CommonSense3082d ago

what an over-simplified, mindless reason. fanboys have always existed.

it's the internet. everyone gets a voice now, and the most opinionated speak the most.

and now, it's probably worse because the economy sucks so not all people get access to everything. this causes them to latch onto one or two franchises and not branch out.

i know that my negativity stems from the unwarranted over-praise that a ton of exclusives get this generation. so many sub-par games that are considered "great."

miyamoto3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

They are the ones who post this flame bait articles, intrigues, lies, and negative publicity.

They are the ones who turn innocent unsuspecting gamers into fanboys.

Having skipped the PS2 era and entering this generation I was so shocked to discover how ugly the American video game scene has turned out to be!

As a form of mainstream entertainment with its multi million dollar production rivaling movies, along with this advancement, it also turn out to be the Next Rotten Hollywood. Full of politics, irresponsible journalism, sensationalism, intrigue.

The media has taken away the fun from enjoying video gaming just like they did in Hollywood. They want their magazines and articles to earn more dollars than the movies themselves.

They leave a bad taste in the mouth of gamers.

During the NES to the PS2 never have I seen this rotten form of journalism, never!

Sony, Nintendo and Sega may have locked horns in cutthroat mortal competition but there was honor among these Japanese companies. They answer great games for good games not not monthly sales figures and grand standings!

Fanboys are just victims.

But the obvious fact is the Sony PlayStation brand has received the most amount of negativity no doubt.

snipes1013082d ago

I think the whole video gaming going mainstream thing has not helped. More and more people are exposed to and get into the culture when it is not for them.

Back in earlier days of gaming, since it was a niche hobby, the people were passionate about games and played a wide variety of titles. Now it seems like brand, game and developer loyalty are all that matters

whitezagetsu713082d ago

I know the moment you disagree with there console of choice you either get called a troll an XBOT or get hit with a barrage of insults its like that everytime you comment about the WIIU on N4G or type that you preordered Gear 3 to someone on Playstation Home its fanboys everywhere
well I understand Playstation Home
but its fanboys everywhere

InNomeDiDio3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

On PC it's still going cool. We know we have the best technology and great games that use this tech.

BitbyDeath3082d ago

Your post demonstrates perfectly what the problem is. People think they have the best tech and better games when everything comes down to personal preference/opinion. I prefer the PS3 games/hardware over PC & 360 while someone else may prefer the 360's etc.

People need to learn to respect that everyone will have a different opinion.

dangert123082d ago

Actually It's the media that twist these gulliable people Into being fanboys and the media's bad coverage of the gaming Industry

mastiffchild3082d ago

Unlike we seem to collectively think this ISN'T a simple thing and isn't JUST fanboys, the internet or even the industry.

They're elements but so is the way kids today many seem, to have zero patience and crave immediate gratification and have no tolerance for anyone else's rights, feelings or beliefs. Society just became selfish and VERY ignorant even though it has more information at it's fingertips than ever before.

As far as gaming issues go I think a lot, can be put down to the numbers of people flowing into the hobby making those already here both insecure(what's happening with the "dumbing down" of OUR games?)and narky. Instead of creating a more solid "serious" gaming community cross platform it's divided us further as we look to find an easy scapegoat. Also, gaming has, due to it's size, for the first time become an industry and isn't run by those who create the games any more but by people like Kotick. Business men who'd be selling pork bellies just asn happily were there NO games and when we see the passing of our gaming into the hands of those who do not care about it it's only natural that there's a reaction-the sad thing is that we reacted against each other.

Christ, the industry shows it's hand pretty clearly with timed exclusives, games which shift from exclusive to multi years after they convinced us to buy ourconsoles by advertising AS exclusive, over priced DLC, silly DLC, DLC on day one or on the disc and so on, betas where we're ignored, games released unfinished so we can pay to do QA-all manner of short cut to make more cash. Then there's the crying about used games which, in the past, they didn't moan about because they'd accept their game should be better and that poor gamers grow into richer gamers tomorrow BY staying gamers by buying USED games, Sheeesh. Games became business first and fun second and, understandabkly, we were left to pick up the pieces but, as yet, havenh't put them back in the right order.

I'd say that fanboys and the internet are just symptoms of this "putting the gaming jigsaw back together" thing myself. Hurdles that are there to overcome as oner day we will become a proper community again-but only when we accpet some of the new gamers A gamers and relate to each other a bit better across gaming platforms as not being the enemy and get sued to the fact it's always now ggoing to be "them and us" until the industry stops being quite so greedy and our media grows up alongside us.

The over importance of review scores has made review scores unreliable and quality harder to guage at a glance than ever and the score is so important to the money men because they couldn't EVER get what a good game is if it hit them. With people like this in charge we're going to struggle while we berate each other. We do their "divide and rule" for them and they don NOT need the help.

If we become more inclusive and united as just gamers the first step will have been taken but until then we're doomed, by and large, to be the industry's bitch(look at how legit gamers have to pay for EVERY little crime in the industry/hobby these days). If, however, we get our house in order the industry might see that including us in a lot more is the way to stop piracy etc and make the whole thing feel a lot closer as they'll realise making quality is the way to our wallets which will also please the creatives who're still making the games but haven't , right now, got any power.

We won't get back to how it was but, as with music fans, we CAN get a better deal if we grow up.

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Godmars2903082d ago

Because of all of the polarization and unhealthy competition. The overhyping of titles that failed to deliver.

LOGICWINS3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Also, most people lack the discretionay income to buy/enjoy every gaming experience, so human nature often encourages them to justify their purchase..even if that means trashing the competition.

Hypothetically speaking, if every current member on N4G became a millionaire 2morrow, N4G console fanboys would dissapear. No one would have a reason to bitch and moan because everyone would have all consoles/latest graphics card etc.

PirateThom3082d ago

Wishful thinking, people will bitch and moan regardless.

Ilikegames763082d ago

Add to that the developers who like to trash talk the competitions rather than talk about their games.

RyuCloudStrife3082d ago

I think because it has become a religion. Fanboys have made a religion of a certain game and spew hate on the competitions threads, massive butthurts I say.

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