God of War: Origins Collection - Why You Should Be Excited

MMGN writes: Yes, there is another "remastering" coming to PlayStation 3, with more on the way. While some might find plenty to be critical of in Sony's attempt at milking popular handheld titles, these ports offer an expanded view of critically acclaimed and commercially successful titles, often in the way of enhanced visuals and/or new gameplay features.

God of War fans would have loved that the two first games in the series -- God of War and its mesmerizing sequel in God of War 2 -- have already gone through the HD treatment, appearing in last year's God of War Collection. Now two of the PSP's best titles are set to join their PS2 counterparts, with GoW: Chains of Olympus and GoW: Ghost of Sparta making the transition from UMD to Blu-Ray.

Should you be excited about these ports? What exactly do they bring to the table and how do they differ from their PSP counterparts?

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xenophage3086d ago

I'm most kicked about playing both these games with the DualShock controller.

Gaetano3086d ago

That's definitely one aspect that should have been included in the article!

firemassacre3086d ago

mama mia! thats going to be supremo

HaVoK3083086d ago

Oh, look, yet another website telling us what we should or shouldn't be excited for. Of course why would they want us to be excited for GOW remasters when they are a website dedicated to Playstation.

Well, I am very excited, but it has nothing to when these clowns just looking for site traffic.

DeleteThisxx3086d ago

Shut up, this is a perfectly legitimate article compared to most of the crap that makes it to the "top news" on this site.

HaVoK3083086d ago

Shut up? Has that ever worked for you? Shut up! I don't like your opinion so shut up! Kids...I tell ya. This article is about as legitimate as your opinion.

DeleteThisxx3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Yes, I'm automatically presumed to be a child because I told someone to "shut up." As if you've never told someone to "shut up" or "be quiet" in your "mature/adult life". Quit being judgmental. With that attitude you appear more juvenile than the typical trolls found here.

Also, my comment was merely referring to your comment in which you stated the site was only looking for traffic. Not once did I say anything regarding your view point on the game itself.

Work on your comprehension abilities before you make assumptions/judgments.

InNomeDiDio3086d ago

there can't be enough God of War games

Cereal3086d ago

I'm not excited because I already played it on PSP where it was meant to be played in the first place. All of these PSP ports are a waste of money. This is also another reason I'm only buying the 3DS because all of the good Vita games will either be remastered on the PS3 or the PS4 eventually.

DeleteThisxx3086d ago

Enjoy them N64 ports, you contradict yourself so hard.

P.S. Troll harder, please