Hard Reset Preview - writes: In the future there is no sunlight, no one has tans, corporations are constantly trying to sell you something and robots are taking over the world - that's what most sci-fi movies tell us and now Hard Reset is backing that up in game form. The debut from Flying Wild Hog takes us back to the days of hardcore PC gaming, providing a deep and challenging experience that will test gamers of any skill level.

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InNomeDiDio3078d ago

"After playing this mysterious title from Flying Wild Hog we can't help but want more, and that's a good thing. Hard Reset is poised to bring the hardcore back to PC gaming, set in a fantastic cyberpunk world and built on a new graphics engine. What more could you want from a debut title?"

Wow, good Preview. Seems like a great PC-Game. I'll check this out.

hellerphant3078d ago

Please do. Considering the lack of information and the fact it is a debut we weren't expecting much, especially considering the game is set to launch next month. After playing it though we definitely want more, it seems to be shaping up into a fun title, I just hope the story is great.

morventhus3078d ago

all i wish to know is if this game is coming to steam
and if it uses steamworks

hellerphant3078d ago

No mentions of Steam or distribution platform but considering they are self-publishing and they are a small company I'd think it would be a safe bet Steam will be the go-to place for this. I will let you know as soon as we hear anything different!