Game Of The Year 2011: My Top Contenders

Thecrapgamer at GxC writes:
Every year we start trying to guess what the Game Of The Year will end up being, this year is no different. The funny thing to me is that there are so many different Game Of The Year awards it’s kind of hard to say which one means the most, if any. This year was supposed to be the year in which we were bombarded with quality titles, it should have been a real war for Game Of The Year, but it’s not really turning out that way. Mass Effect 3 was pushed back until next year, same with Twisted Metal and quite a few other games. Basically all of these companies had the bright idea to release their games at or around the same time as one another, then later on thought better of the idea and so postponed their respective games. The following list, which is in no particular order is simply how I see the race for Game Of The Year 2011. More than likely they will each win that award from one source or another.

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vishant1012835d ago

my personal faves for goty this year Skyrim, gears 3 and skyward sword

firemassacre2835d ago

mine is as follows

dark souls
uncharted 3
portal 2
littlebigplanet 2

usualjay2835d ago

It's a solid list, but why only pick from a pool of games that haven't even come out yet? I suppose it says something about the brand recognition more than the games themselves.