The Playstation Vita is fighting an uphill battle

The Playstation Vita is looking to be a killer device, an amazing gaming machine and a hot piece of technology. However, the mobile gaming market has changed dramatically over the last few years and it will be a hard fought battle for the device to be a huge success for Sony, but this success is pivotal for the mobile gaming market as a whole.

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Buho3084d ago

Don't even compare mobile gaming(LOL!) to real handheld gaming.

Sitris3084d ago

To you or I it doesn't compare, but to the casual gamer (the kind of gamer that just plays games to kill time) does not see a big enough difference to warrant a whole independent device. This mobile market has never been this volatile, where game developers that used to make on dedicated only devices, are now making tablet games, this is a big thing. With developer support, any gaming device can be successful. Again the Vita from a gamers standpoint is a slam dunk, guaranteed gaming brilliance, but will it catch on with casual gamer? I think it will, but it will be a difficult battle with the market being so crammed full of contenders.

iamnsuperman3084d ago

Totally agree. The area of the market that make devices like the vita successful are influenced by smartphones and tablets because it offers a range of usage and features a dedicated gaming machine does not off but to many on this website mobile gaming of that sort is seen as a joke and not a threat. The fact the mobile market (especially smart phone) has boomed and it will have an influence because think of it this way if you were the casual audience would you spend 200 or on a gaming device or similar price for a device with games, application and phone capabilities. To them they are already going to carry a phone why add an extra product when the phones now play games as well

EmperorDalek3083d ago

Here, here. When the PSP came out in 2005 it was a different marketplace. The majority of consumers want more than just gaming and they probably don't want something they can't slip into their pocket.

If you compare the Vita to a smartphone the Vita would only win the gaming category.

The Vita needs to break into the casual market to be a hit however, its unlikely to do that. Keep in mind the smartphone won't stagnate for 5 years like a dedicated gaming device does.

Dramscus3083d ago

See I think the key difference with the vita is that their going after a different market of casual.

I mean there is like casual casual which phones and to some extent the DS suck up.
There is however also the shooter casual crowd. Which Activision has shown to be large and full of purchasing power.

This device is making a bit of a push at the casual casual market with the touch stuff for sure. They want to be able to sel it to everyone of course. Touch stuff is easy to tack on though.

The Vita is built around those dual analogue sticks and specifically around shooting things to death. With online multiplayer.

I think it may actually sell less well in japan than it ends up doing elsewhere.

MaxXAttaxX3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

If an actual gamer wants a proper portable gaming system, they'll go for a PS Vita and/or 3DS.

They're very different systems, so they don't exactly compare.
At most, they compete for the casuals. Even though Sony seems to be focusing more on core gaming.

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LOGICWINS3084d ago

@Buho- Correction, in YOUR world they don't compare. The increasing popularity of smartphones and their ability to play addictive games that can be played in short bursts DOES affect the amount of people willing to pay for a dedicated gaming handheld.

nopunctuation3083d ago

People who pay for iphones are not looking for a handheld game system. They are looking for what is advertised in it (ie phone, internet, and music player). The iphone has yet to actually make a serious game for it that would prove that it is in it for the games. The fact that you could even suggest that one dollar flash games are taking away from real game sales is just ludicrous. Gamers dont consider the iphone a viable gaming system at all.

I would expect more from a person who has the word "logic" in his username. Ive read many of your posts and "logic" is not the word I would use to describe them. You are a troll who operates under the guise of logic so people dont take your bubbles. That guise alone should be enough reasons for you to only have 3 bubbles or less. You are living proof that the bubble system is completely flawed and should be abolished in favor of a mod guided bubble system.

MaxXAttaxX3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

They're very different systems. At most, they could compete for the casual market. Even though Sony seems to be focusing more on core gaming.

People don't buy phones to play games. It's secondary.
If an actual gamer wants a proper portable gaming system, they'll go for a PS Vita and/or 3DS.

firemassacre3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

my wallet is fighting an uphill battle.

Silly gameAr3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

What is up with all of the Vita doom and gloom? The thing isn't even out yet. Just because Nintendo had a rough start with the 3DS, doesn't mean the same will happen to the Vita.

And mobile gaming being the cause? Please.

Sitris3084d ago

I don't think vita is doomed at all, it will be the best handheld on the market. But you can't deny that the market has changed, hardcore gamers, are not the reason gaming consoles in the past have sold 100 million plus units. It is because it hit the sweet spot, and that spot is not crowded with heaps of devices, mobile gaming is all lots of casual gamers want. I know from friends and family that are most drfinately casual gamers, that used to have a DS but now don't even care about that device cause they have their phone with them. This is a real issue for both Nintendo and Sony, I will be getting a Vita day one, and so will many people on this site, but Sony knows that it Is going to be a hard battle to come out on top of the now crowded market of handheld gaming.

LOGICWINS3084d ago

"What is up with all of the Vita doom and gloom?"

When Vita finally releases and the first weeks sales are known, I'm going to come back to this thread and SHOW you(with evidence) why there were so many doom and gloom articles for the Vita months before it released.

..and then people will revert back to the "I play games not sales" mantra when they find that they've been proven wrong.

Silly gameAr3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

"LOGICWINS" (I can put things is quotations too)

If it means that much to you, then by all means, show me that "evidence" (did it again:) when the Vita drops.

I'll probably have forgotten by then or either your evidence was as blah as your comment, but hey bro. Go nuts.


You make some valid points and I see we're you're coming from, but the Vita will have games that you won't be able to get anywhere else. The hardware shouldn't be the focus but the software is where it's at, imo.

LOGICWINS3084d ago

LOL, I love how ur so nonchalant about the situation all of a sudden.

Already your in damage control mode because you know I'm right.

If you really didn't care, then you wouldn't have responded back to me. See you in six months :)

blackburn103084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

What will you do if it does well? I know, you'll do like every other gamer and make more excuses and reasons why it will fail even though it sold this and that amount.

You say we will revert to the "I play games not sales" mantra but you will probably revert to the 'it still hasn't sold as much as a 3DS' or 'it's selling well now but what about later' or 'So and so price isn't even close to what the PSP sold at launch'. PSP sold 70 million plus units and everyone still to this day everyone has 'evidence' that it was no good.I am sure you and everyone else will come up with some BS to say if it actually does well.

Shikoro3083d ago

Dude, your logic doesn't work so much recently, huh? I remember you posting some smart things in here, but as of late, you're just trolling.

I'll tell you what the main difference is between Vita and the 3DS:

You read it right, GAMES!


The 3DS, if I remember correctly, mostly had ports of already released games on other systems, whereas Vita has at least 10 already announced original games, not just ports. Considering there will be a whole lot more announcements at GamesCom, the $249 pricetag is completely justified. :)

nopunctuation3083d ago

So you can predict the future now? Where is the logic that you claim to have so much of?

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tiffac3084d ago

All I can say is the ball is in Sony's court. Only their strategy can make the PSV gold or bust.

Sitris3084d ago

That's exactly what I think, if Sony markets aggressively, this device can be 'the' handheld gaming device to have this generation. It has the power, it has the price point, it has the potential and it has the innovation. It also has a multi-billion dollar company backing it.

Myst3084d ago

Again just slap a Monster Hunter on it and it will sell especially in Japan. Probably even halt production again if they jam pack it with content and what not.

KonaBro3083d ago

Another day, another iOS is going to kill handheld gaming article, another article saying the Vita is going to fail and the damn thing doesn't even had a release date. Stop giving these sites hits.

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