Forza Motorsport 4: Week in Review 8/12

We are getting close, yes we are. With each passing day Turn 10 gets a bit closer to putting the finishing touches on Forza Motorsport 4. The game will soon be in the hands of the mysterious folks at Microsoft who take our automotive bits and translate them into something that you’ll be able to pop into your Xbox 360 starting October 11 and play until you’ve got blisters. While we’d love to have you playing Forza 4 the second we sign off on it, unfortunately all that magic takes time.

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kingdoms3937d ago

This game is crazy looking.

Majors3937d ago

This game is now a yearly cash cow.

qwertyz3937d ago

forza 3 came out in 2009 so what are you talking about ? that was 2 years ago

newleaf3937d ago

Maybe you should learn some maths or get the proper definition of yearly.

FordGTGuy3937d ago

Forza 3 launched October 22, 2009
Forza 4 will launch October 11, 2011

iamgoatman3937d ago

Got to laugh at his agrees and your disagrees, I knew the members of N4G where dumb, but DAMN!

MintBerryCrunch3937d ago

DAMN those are some sexy M3's

DigitalAnalog3937d ago

Why Forza 3 didn't look this good is beyond me.

-End statement

kaveti66163937d ago

Why Uncharted 1 didn't look as good as Uncharted 2 is beyond me.

-End mockery

DigitalAnalog3937d ago

By this argument, we can say it took Forza this long to achieve at this point.

-End statement

ironwolf3937d ago

What? You don't know who he is?

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