Final Fantasy Type-0 demo HD screenshots

If you were wondering what Final Fantasy Type-0 might look like if it ever came to high-definition platforms — say as a PSP Remaster — then we’ve got you covered. High-definition images of the game, taken by Miladesn using the JPCSP emulator, were recently posted online.

There are 22 images in total, showcasing the environment, cutscenes, airship, world map, and battles (Shiva, too).

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Chocoboh3082d ago

speaking of amazing.. hey Square release FFvs13 already

iamtehpwn3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Versus XIII is nice, but you should give this game a try. Type-0 is truly a real Final Fantasy game, and has been in development almost as long as Versus, but of course will be releasing first.

PickAShoe3082d ago

i wish this game was in the console

Zanarkand3082d ago

Once again, kudos to SE. They never seem to fail when it comes to graphics on any platform out there. Also this style reminds me of Crisis Core.