Welcome Back Chief, Here's What I Want...

Brandy from lists her hopes and the changes she'd like to see in Halo 4.

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AngelicIceDiamond3077d ago

A huge immersive world where you can even go outerspace. Like go out in space whenever u want . Big multiplayers maps with more customization, completely tailor you're chief to make him fully unique to weaponry skills and armor abilities.

3077d ago
Convas3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

A big "WHAT THE HELL!" to both of you. Halo is not Mass Effect, not is Mass Effect, Halo.

There are some additions that could be made, but may 343i be damned when they add in "optional sidequests". Halo is NOT an RPG or anything close to that. AT FRICKING ALL.

"The space combat in Reach was excellent, add the ability to travel to different planets expanding the gameplay." - No thanks.

"Make the game feel alot more open with upgrades and attachments similar to the original Crysis."

"Big multiplayers maps with more customization, completely tailor you're chief to make him fully unique to weaponry skills and armor abilities."

- HELL NO! You mess up the Triangle if everybody's got a different weapon. This isn't Call of Duty or Crysis. I'm all for decking out my Master Chief VISUALLY, to look unique, but the weapons and vehicles NEED to remain the same to ensure that classic Halo foundation.

"Do not make this Chief all powerful right at the beginning, make him continue to advance as you progress similar to Mega-Man and Metroid." - Master Chief is a Spartan II, he was, is, and will continue to be a Super-Soldier badass. If anything, his ENEMIES should continue to evolve, forcing the player to adapt new strategies to defeat them.

"Make the new Halo game more focused on an engaging story while keeping it open with optional sidequests." I need not say any more. Halo Effect = NO.

"Finally, the number one change is: shake up the multiplayer with something new and refreshing that will take us all by surprise." Bungie did Halo: Reach with that. It back fired. Now must of us want a return to Halo CE/2/3-esque multiplayer.

So no to all your ideas. Halo's known for it's open mission designs, it's weapon on weapon, skill based gameplay, and the careful use of vehicles. There are no quests, no weepy japanese anime inspired "I CAN GET STRONGER!" stories, no perks, no killstreaks, and definitely no Mass Effect style planets to fly to and pal around on.

The story is very focused, and very dedicated, that's how all the Halos have been, that's how they need to remain.

@AdmiralThrawn: Hell yes, Duel Wielding and High Jumping, since we're back to Master Chief, need to make a return. Armor Abilities need to go. We should be able to sprint automatically, Spartan II's can run up to 70MPH.

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admiralthrawn873077d ago

just get rid of special abilities, or dumb them down considerably. get rid of armor lock for sure. bring back the high jumping and duel wielding. then it'll be awesome