When Did Games Stop Being Just Games?

Today, gamers are probably happier than ever before with the content that they receive from publishers. Loads of AAA releases hit store shelves each year, and if a title does fall short, it still usually is a fantastic value even if it isn't the hippest thing on the gaming streets known as the internet. While I'm sure many gamers have their own personal golden age of gaming, from a larger perspective, these last few years have probably been more worthy of that title. In the next few years, not only will we be talking a lot about gaming software, but also upcoming technical advances in consoles that will free developers from many limits that current generation developers suffer from. As we continue to push the boundaries of gaming and providing more polished and honed experiences, are we losing a certain experience gaming has relied on in the past?

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Rushing_Punch2836d ago

Wait, games aren't just games anymore?! What have I been doing with my life!?

Etseix2836d ago

we have been trolled for several years ladies and gentleman.

Shackdaddy8362836d ago

Games are more than just games to some people?

Godchild10202836d ago

With the additions of trophies/achievements, people make it seem like a job or a chore. I've been like that but now that I have a full time job, gaming has been a luxury and a gift when I can play them.

Venox20082836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

yep, they are.. to some it's second life (or maybe switched to first life [ examples: World of warcraft, Lineage, COD online, battlefield, GTA series, Halo ....] :)) ...

...lot's of games become so serious, so similar to life things (I mean war, shooting, gangstas, police, blood and other realistic stuff...and lots of people play and play them...

..that's why I love Nintendo, where you can play colorful, enjoyable games, lots of great platformers... I really thank them that they didn't go very far away from their roots, when games where just games where you can get fun..

DA_SHREDDER2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

It's a hard pill to swallow but its the truth. I miss not having my virtual hand held in every game that I play. I remember when graphical limitations actually made people use their imaginations. Games used to have better back stories and even actually made you think about what you had to do next. These days its like we're being spoon fed. Held by the hand. Though I do enjoy games like Mario Galaxies 2 and COD, I really do miss the days when games like Mario Bros had more than just a simple over world map. There were castles, environments, pyramids, and warp zones. Overworld maps like in Mario Bros 3 and super mario land were awesome. I remember finding Rainbow Road for the first time. I felt like I was in a whole new universe. Ahhhh, I miss those days. It makes me wanna just give up on this gen and the next gen and just buy all the consoles of the past cause everything from the NES to the ps2 were full of awesomeness.

neogeo2836d ago

Try Amnesia Dark decent and demon souls.
there are still a few great ones now and then, but seriously lacking.

mamotte2835d ago

Oh yeah. Remember when RPG's had good story and you actually had to read, instead of see 3 hours of videos? And when, in a FPS, you were almost dead, and you had to suffer to find and get a health pack, instead of just wait to cure magically like a magic girl? Man, those were good times. Really ;)

firemassacre2836d ago

when gamers stopped being gamers (think about it)

V0LT2836d ago

All everyone cares about is how good something looks and who sold more than the other company these days. It's pretty pathetic when people out there zoom in on screenshots 1000x just to say there are less jaggies..

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