Microsoft and Nokia to announce a handheld game console at Gamescom 2011 ?

gamekyo writes : "Nokia failed in the world of video games with N-Gage.
Microsoft does not have a portable console, but have the structures and skills of the game "type portable". (Cf: XBLA)"

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pedrami912837d ago

Point to a Windows phone by Nokia or rather "Sea Ray", but who knows.

Micro_Sony2836d ago

The mango preview is looking sweet and windows phone 7 has really improved.

I am glad that MS has a hand in Nokias mobile division and cant wait to see what they do with Windows phone 7 on the Nokia.

gamingdroid2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Nokia makes some of the best hardware I have seen, it's a shame their software sucks balls and I got rid of my Nokia 5800 to get a HTC HD7. HTC hardware isn't durable like Nokia... but the designs are pretty good.

The N8 looks fabulous and I can't wait to see a Nokia WP7 phone especially if it is geared towards gamers. Well, as long as it doesn't add bulk and is well supported.

fluffydelusions2837d ago

Doubt ms would make a dedicated handheld.

darthv722836d ago

they only supply the OS. It is the handset makers to decide how and what the unit will do. WP7 has the potential to be a portable gaming OS but that kind of commitment is risky when you look at the iphone and various android phones.

To bad MS hasnt opened up the use of WP7 to tablet makers. Then again, that is why they have Windows 7 in the first place. If anything, WP7 would be the backbone of a nokia portable like sony did with the ericson/ps phone.

No more taco talking.

Micro_Sony2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Its not MS but Nokia.

MS will have a hand on it being implementing Xbox live or just getting games like Halo and Gears on it.

If you have followed the mobile phone news lately you will see that MS and Nokia are like Starsky and Hutch - I would not be surprised if MS buys Nokia some time soon.

DA_SHREDDER2837d ago

lmao! A first party company that can count how many AAA titles they every made on one hand wants to make a handheld with one of the most generic phone manufacturers of the past? I would hate to be the one that had to do any P.R. marketing for this unholy abomination.

TheEatingVodka2836d ago

You are a joke and I won't even bother responding to what you said.

TheEatingVodka2836d ago

@Urrakia43, It's nice to see you trying to be smart but tbh I didn't respond to what he said.. I didn't answer what he said there...

Voxelman2837d ago

Well it maybe a Win Phone 7 phone that has physical controls like the Xperia play

JoGam2836d ago

Its the N-Gage 2 with windows 7.

Micro_Sony2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

The improved Windows 7 with 500 new features added.

"Make no mistake, Microsoft isn't playing coy in the smartphone market any longer. The folks in Redmond are making a significant jump forward in the mobile arena, announcing that the upcoming version of Windows Phone, codenamed "Mango," will be heading to a device near you in time for the holidays. As its competitors have raised the bar of expectations to a much higher level, Microsoft followed suit by adding at least 500 features to its mobile investment, which the company hopes will plug all of the gaping holes the first two versions left open"

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The story is too old to be commented.