Smash Bros. Sunday: Things Get Snappy

Welcome to Smash Bros. Sunday. This week we will be telling you why Donkey Kong’s sworn adversary King K Rool deserves to show his reptilian face in Nintendo’s most loved beat ‘em up.

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hgoodman032840d ago

It's weird that as a Smash Bros. and Donkey Kong fan I have never thought of him possibly being included in Smash Bros.
But your argument is pretty good, I want him in the 3DS Smash Bros. now, would be nice to have another high profile bad guy like Bowser.

ashbc2840d ago

Glad you liked the article, with any luck he will be on the 3DS version. Especially after I go to snag my 3DS this weekend, £115 :D .

thephillup2840d ago

When I was a kid this guy was the bane of my existence. I just watched him as the final boss in DK Country on youtube and now I feel ashamed of my childhood self for having so much difficulty against him.

bacrec12839d ago

They need a story Mode in the next game where K. Rool and Bowser form a "Deadly Alliance"

noxeven2838d ago

I don't nintendo owns the rights to k kool i think someone said thats why he wasnt in returns. i think hes a rare character

mike1up2838d ago

Bummer. The article totally had me sold.

SinnedNogara2837d ago

He was in Mario Super Sluggers I believe, which came out in 2007.

noxeven2836d ago

was he,gonna have to check into that

SinnedNogara2834d ago

@ noxeven

Besides, if Rare still owned King K Rool and the Kremlings they'd still own Diddy Kong too.