Borderlands 2 The First Game To Use Cloud On Xbox 360?

LMG: In an interview with GameInformer, President and CEO of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford basically just sat and talked Borderlands 2. But one thing may have slipped over many peoples heads. Towards the end he mentions saving your game on the cloud, something that is not available on the Xbox 360 just yet.

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Micro_Sony2839d ago

Can some one explain this cloud thing please.

I think it has something to do with saving data on the net.

fluffydelusions2839d ago

Exactly you can play the same game on a different box and continue where you left off.

Micro_Sony2839d ago

Ok thanks - For some reason I thought it was more than that.

Does this mean that we no longer have to recover our gamer tag if we are at a buddies house and we just automatically sign in and play.

Shackdaddy8362839d ago

@Micro Maybe. I think you will still have to recover your gamertag but you don't have to carry around your hard drive to a friends house if you want to play your character.

Kamikaze82839d ago

And yes, you will be able to do this with Gamertags at some point as well.

Cpt_kitten2839d ago

so basically they want to force me to use something that my thumb drive can do?

cloud storage is stupid

Neo Nugget2839d ago

The point of cloud saves is convenience. Your thumb drive can go get married, have kids, and settle down, because the cloud does everything for him!

gamingdroid2839d ago

***so basically they want to force me to use something that my thumb drive can do?

cloud storage is stupid ***

Until your usb drive gets lost, damaged or you simply didn't bring it with you.

Sounds like it's not the cloud storage that is stupid!

Perjoss2839d ago

lets say you pumped 4,000 hours into a World of Warcraft character, would you feel comfortable carrying that around with you on a USB stick? cloud saves also prevent you and others from hacking your save and cheating.

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Nitrowolf22839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

It is more then that or at least it can be.
Right now it's just saving data over the net, which is great so that you no longer have to carry USB or HDD around to friends. I think later it on in new generation of gaming we will eventually be able to stream our games over the net rather then download them. Not sure, but i can see that happening.

My question is why is it game specific? Maybe an update will come and make it like Playstation so it's all games. Maybe it'll be like Portal 2 on PS3 where it'll save on their side rather then Sony/Microsoft.

I think Cloud on console is gonna be a huge success and probably will most likely play a huge role in the future when digital downloads will be more and more common.

Chocoboh2839d ago

I don't think streaming games will ever be viable. OnLive already let's you do that and it was a big fail

BeastlyRig2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

save your games to the severs in the sky!

for a paid service with 30 million people who pay each year you would think this would be mandatory!

It's almost like how call of duty makes the most money & won't give their fans dedicated servers.

Rage will have cloud saving via steam! no cash needed!

360 owners should really should take less sh!t from M$!! try it and see what happens!

betrayed gamer2839d ago

doesnt sony charge for cloud?

vyke32839d ago

ps3 also has this. but you need to have ps+...-___-

gamingdroid2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Steam didn't pioneer Netflix on consoles, ESPN, and soon LiveTV/DVR.

On PS+ you also get a measly 150MB, while on MS Skydrive you get a massive 25GB free so expect lots of storage on Xbox Live all seamlessly integrated.

In a way, this in some way integrated. When I accidentally deleted my save games for Gears 2, when I logged in Gears 2 knew all my stats and allowed me access to all the chapters.

Hockeydud192839d ago

gamingdroid - you deleted the saves but not the game file so your data would still be there anyways.

paintsville2839d ago

Man this game is going to rock on 360 . I can't wait.

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OdinFallen2839d ago

when someone says "cloud" they are referring to the internet so yes, you are correct.

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Mario4life2839d ago

Hopefully they make a sega genesis version :P

1PC2PS333602839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

welcome to 2008 xbox360

(when steam launched cloud saves with left4dead)

srry....i had to :)

*Valve provides a service called Steam Cloud. For supported games, Steam Cloud stores various amounts of game data, such as keyboard shortcut settings and single-player game saves, on a central server. Any changes to relevant game files are uploaded to the main server, and newer files are automatically downloaded and used when a game is started.[17] Valve launched the service simultaneously with the release of Left 4 Dead, and the service now supports most newer Valve games.[18] It is one of the services offered to game developers through Steamworks. Users can individually disable Steam Cloud on a per-game and per-account

*edit, yes disagree with the truth

kingdoms2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Not surprising Microsoft has been pushing Cloud trying to get their partners to embrace this tech for 3 or 4 years now. It only makes sense to bring it to the 360 after the tech has matured enough. I've been following the *Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference* for 3 years and the industry is just now seeing it as the future and not just a neat feature that is somewhat out of reach. Companies have to redesign their infrastructure, that is why it took so long.

Don't mind #3 he's just a troll LOL dude seems beside himself in here tolling with his ignorant rant. WTF is making this dude so angry?

Anyways Cloud is finally catching on in a significant way and Microsoft has signed on a ton of new cloud only clients/partners. Expect it to be heavily integrated in future xbox dash updates and Windows 8/7

You can check the history on *Viaway* on PC or for a better experience on supporting BLU RAY players like Samsung's high end ones?

m232839d ago

I thought cloud saving was coming this fall, Borderlands 2 comes out in 2012, how would it be the first?

betrayed gamer2839d ago

most likely all games will support it, but they may do something special with it. or they are just adding sprinkles so to speak. like saying it supports custom soundtracks when all games do