GP Roundtable #3 - Is this the Last Generation for Dedicated Handhelds?

There are a lot of signs in the industry as of late that point to the fact that dedicated handhelds may in fact be on their way out, so the GP staff has gathered together to discuss the issue: Have mobile phones/tablets taken over as king of the handheld realm?

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Dramscus3088d ago

Sort of.

The next gen of home consoles will be the last gen of home consoles and the next gen of portables will probably be both home console and portable console.
At least in sony's case, nintendo may be reluctant to do it.

Sony is already almost there with the vita, it doesn't have hdmi out but if it did it would be competition for the home consoles.
I have no doubt that sony's next portable will have hdmi out and the ability to support multiple controllers.

Imagine if the psvita (psV is really the ps5 (V = 5 in roman numerals after all).
If you count all the playstation devices including the psp then that would technically make the vita the fifth.
A little far fetched I do realize but I just like to day dream.
Stranger things have happened.

VampiricDragon3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

absolutely not.

Thers 0 EVIDENCE that mobile is taking over anything or causing anything to die

The 3ds is doing really really good in japan considering the whole market is down and its been number 1 more weeks than the ds was.

metsgaming3088d ago

Once these smart phones get actual analog sticks and buttons then we can start talkingabout that, right now no. Even if they did handhelds would still exist just because u can get anything from nintendo or sony u could get third party though.

Rrobba3087d ago

Possibly, but I highly doubt it. As long as there are people who enjoy fully-fledged games, Nintendo and Sony handhelds will continue to sell.

MasterCornholio3087d ago

Sure the casuals will game on smartphones. But the core on dedicated portable gamming platforms.