Sony Wants to Know What PlayStation Vita Peripherals You Want

Continuing a series of surveys at the Japanese PlayStation Vita Community Site, Sony has opened a question asking readers what peripherals they want for the platform.

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pangitkqb2838d ago

Grip adapter with built in second battery would be sweet. Cradle with HDMI out would be as well. Either way, very excited for the PSV.

Dramscus2838d ago

The hdmi cradle.

I being such a savvy tech purchaser got a pspgo ages ago and have a nice stock of digital games.
I don't see why everyone hates on the thing it's far superior to the regular psp's.
It's actually portable for one, get better battery life and the 16gb storage space it comes with makes it the cheapest media player with that much space on it.

I picked it up originally as an mp3 player because there weren't any that had 16gb space with an expansion slot at 140 bucks. The closest was the 8gb ipod touch which had less space and cost almost twice as much.

Close_Second2838d ago

The Go was brilliant and I'd still have mine if it was supported. Loved it for all the reasons you stated but the cost of psn games and lack of them killed it for me.

The vita's lack of built in storage and form factor is a step backwards.

Dramscus2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

The games were terribly priced when it came out but in the past like year or so mostly, most of the games have dropped to reasonable prices. Plus there are lots of sales on psp games that update each week. I can often find games I want to play for ten or fifteen dollars. Some for less, though their usually older or not very big titles.

The lack of internal storage does suck but I'm not bothered by the form factor really. I can see the whole thing needing to be bigger with the features it has. Plus it being rounder apparently makes it more female friendly.

I think it'll fit in nicely as a less portable portable. More for road trips and carrying around in a bag than on the go and in my pocket like the pspgo.

Im totally going to keep my psp when I get the vita, just for that reason.

Bull5hifT2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Extra battery that forms to the outside and can insert at least 3 more Micro M2 Sticks in.... Id be happy with 120 Gigs, my 64 gig Itouch Full..... HD Video Damands alot of Memory... A Projector in the Future , Set it up at work hook up the mini Projector and pull out my foldable Dual Shock Minis and play some 4 player split screen co-op at work during lunch with my buddies ..... I got a SanDisk Mark 4 16 GB Pro Duo in my PSP and i got a 16 Sandisk Mini SdHc Mark 2 its slow but can i use it in the vita

f7897902838d ago

I'm sure a company will come up with some kind of contraption to allow us to add on other memory cards externally.

DJMarty2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

@pangitkqb - Battery's built in, and there are no plans for HDMI out as it's a handheld device thats made to be played on it built in OLED screen not a home HDTV.

@JBSleek - The Exchange rates arn't as simple as that, UK has 20% Vat.

Blaze9292838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Anything that isn't proprietary and I'm good :)

And dunno if they are still sticking with no video/audio HDMI output but I hope they change their mind because that's a BIG mistake

ATi_Elite2838d ago

Just go ahead and announce those Apps that turn the PSVita into a cell phone and i will get one!!

Sony/ATT better do it before Modders/hackers do!

f7897902838d ago

Let the hackers do it. They're better at it anyways.

eraursls842838d ago

It will not have the radios to be used as a cell phone on a carrier (unless they add them) but it can be used as a phone because its android, you can use apps like desktop sms, tango, Skype and others to text and make calls over WiFi or 3g without the cost of minutes, however if done over 3g the cost of data is higher than the cost of minutes.

cryymoar2838d ago

Cradle with HDMI out would be cool. And if you can hook up a bluetooth remote or Dualshock 3 to navigate, even play games on your HDTV, that would be KILLER.

Off Topic, I personally want Starcraft 2 on this bad boy. It definitely has the technological capacity to render it even on medium settings. Imagine microing with your fingertips!

ATi_Elite2838d ago

Imagine going blind trying to see microscopic characters on screen!

I know PSVita has the power but IDk playing SC2 on such a small screen just seems like a law suit from gamers going blind squinting their eyes trying to tiny characters plus way too much scrolling trying to see the map.

Imagine going from 3 monitors down to a PSvita screen.....dam that would take a minute to get adjusted to but if anyone can do it Blizzard could make it work!!

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JBSleek2838d ago

Can we worry about a valid price point before we talk about useless peripherals.


TheNocturnus2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Dude, they have announced that already. $249 for wifi and $299 for 3g.

JBSleek2838d ago

I said a VALID price point. Also, everyone doesn't live in America. Europe once again gets screwed by Sony.

€250 is about $360 now you tell me if this is alright.
€300 will be over $400.

Don't even make me bring up the pound.

All I want is a fair price point for my region is that too bad to ask for?

Arthas2838d ago

Get out of that hellhole like us Americans did. Worked pretty well for us. Otherwise, quit bitchin.

f7897902838d ago

Import it if you are so upset over the price. Region free! American dollars are highly sought after which is why companies are willing to price things lower.

pedrami912838d ago

Im buying it cause':

1.I am gamer
2.I am gamer
3.I am gamer

Any other reasons for me is irrelevant at this time.

Your past comments suggest the PSV is not priced well enough.

Although that may be true for the mass market buyers, but for the ones that actually know what's what, your getting a pretty hefty hardware for that price.

JBSleek2838d ago

There's gamer spirit but I refuse to get raped due to the weakening American dollar and Sony not understanding this.

I am a gamer and I will surely buy a PSV as soon as it lowers the price/ PSV Slim 4G comes out.

tiffac2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Sony is running a business not a charity and its not exactly their fault the economy is in shambles. So lets not go and say "they don't understand" because they probably understand the economy better than you or me.

Besides Sony and the other Japanese exporters would love nothing more than a strong Dollar and a weak Yen. The more the Dollar weakens the less profit they will make.

nopunctuation2838d ago
If I could display that image, I would be displaying the shit out of it right now.

Inception2838d ago

You know that thing called...internet?
where people can buy stuff online?
yeah, that's the thing. so...maybe you can kind enough to used it for import vita, instead import u'r bithcing :P

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Moerdigan2838d ago

I don't know if PSP does this but the ability to usb connect a PS3 controller to PSV while the PSV image dispay is connected to an HDTV.

Close_Second2838d ago

Psp go you could plug into the tv whilst using a sixaxis controller.

lionelglitchy2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

they will ask fans for advice and then copy nintendo as usual lol what about a clip on 3d screen to go on top with a slider to turn 3d on or off

ChiVoLok02838d ago

Trust me they won't want to copy Nintendo anymore and don't tell me Nintendo doesn't copy from anyone.

lionelglitchy2838d ago

so you admit they did copy nintendo

ChiVoLok02838d ago

Yeah in some cases but we can't say Nintendo or any game company has been completely original.

Inception2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

and nintendo copy what...touchscreen from apple?

seriously, i hate nintendo fanboys who think nintendo is the only one who's not copy stuff from other company and pretend that nintendo is the god of all innovation -_-

TheCrazyMerc2838d ago

I wanted HDMI support, also the compatibility of using MicroSD. Time will tell, though.

eraursls842838d ago

If they use the pro duo then gte an adapter and 2 micro SD cards, that's actually cheaper than buying a pro duo. 8 GB micro SDs are cheap, 16 GB aren't bad, so for $20 you can have 16 GB or $45 and have 32 GB.

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