Deadly Premonition: PS3 Version available as an Import (Playstationfans)

In February last year, One of the weirdest game got released as an Xbox exclusive.

Destructoid called it „a beautiful trainwreck“, Gamr central, „ the strangest video games of the year and the best example of games as art“ and gamasutra gave it the award for „best Cult game“.

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KMCROC3079d ago

This a great game , weird but still a great game.

Micro_Sony3079d ago

I agree.

I was likE WTF and then like ok and then like more WTF.

But played it to the end and believe it or not enjoyed it more than Alan Wake and Heavy Rain but that just my opinion.

jc485733079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

playing Alan Wake. From time to time, I would feel like going to back Deadly Premonition immediately. I really want to know what Emily is doing at home right now. If you thought Deadly Premonition had flaws, then Alan Wake got serious problems.

DarkBlood3079d ago

ah im playing this right now lol story is interesting but the controls were a little off key none the less i keep getting weirded out maknig sense, had this been on the ps3 id buy that version instead

TheMutator3079d ago

best game ever period!!!!!!!

Rashonality3079d ago

it has that Japanese cheesiness we rarely see these days, so yeah its a great game.

Vinushka3079d ago

It's a great game... Isn't that right, Zach?

Micro_Sony3079d ago

FK in the coffee LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

I need to find this game ASAP as I sold the one I had.

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