Surfer Girl: EA console, new Zelda Wii, PS3 Far Cry, Shenmue III, and more

Industry "insider" Surfer Girl answers questions about:
• EA console
• Lost: The Game
• New Zelda titles for Wii
• WiiWare titles based off Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Metroid
• Michael Bay and the Prince of Persia film
• PS3 Far Cry
• Shenmue for Wii, Shenmue III, and Shenmue Online

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ShiftyLookingCow5183d ago

I see rumored PS3 Far Cry is not a port of the PC version. makes sense. It will probably have a subtitle. Hopefully the same team is behind it also.

ParaDise_LosT5183d ago

For the wii?!
It should be on a next gen console D:
Shenmue was great because of its breathtaking(for its time hahaha)
visuals and atmosphere....

TheHater5183d ago

This game need some really powerful hardware such as the ps3 or 360 to make the world come alive more in that game. But it Sega do a good job on the game, and it story. I will pick this up for the Wii

propheta5183d ago

Wii is a great console, and it would be really cheap to produce a Shenmue for it because it could almost use the same graphics engine used in the DC and XBOX version and still it would look great on the Wii.

But of course, Shenmue, as a game, is the true example that both technical and artistical excelency can only be provided with new and improved hardware, much like the powerful Dreamcast provided at the time, compared to N64 or Playstation. Shenmue wasn't just great because of its great graphics. But the game would have been almost impossible in a previous system that couldn't house those visuals. They were functional visuals which the very game philosophy required.

bootsielon5183d ago

Anything poised for the Wii is about to be ruined as a franchise. Hello casualities, hello pixelities, hello polygonities.

Wii60PS3DSPSP5183d ago (Edited 5183d ago )

Hello idiot that's full of bs.

HarryEtTubMan5183d ago

PS3 Far Cry 2 is going to be SICK... WOW

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