How can the PS Vita Succeed?

8bitfix says: I just read that Sony will be taking a 5000 Yen ($65/£40) loss on each Vita sold, not specifying if the numbers given were on the standard or 3G models. I started to ask myself, will the Vita even stand a chance, with the 3DS at $169, and not to mention six of the most anticipated titles of the year?

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rabidpancakeburglar3088d ago

It can succeed by slaying the competition and sitting on a throne of its styluses

Trunkz Jr3088d ago

You failed to answer the "How" part.

I think the PS Vita will do fine, 3DS will probably sky rocket when big games come out like SSB or Pokemon 3DS.

rabidpancakeburglar3088d ago

The slaying part answered the how

LOGICWINS3088d ago

"How can the PS Vita Succeed?"

1. Drop the price by $50

2. Create a new Vita exclusive IP that can match the excitement of a Pokemon 3DS.

jaosobno3088d ago

Only thing in which 3DS was successful so far is bombing on the market. So leave skyrocketing PSV.

LOGICWINS3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

"Only thing in which 3DS was successful so far is bombing on the market. So leave skyrocketing PSV."

The DS is the best selling/most popular dedicated gaming platform of this generation. If the next iteration of the DS bombed at a $250 price point..can you explain how the lesser known Vita will "skyrocket" at $250?

richierich3088d ago

I agree with you there arent any killer apps on 3DS yet apart from Zelda Ocarina of Time but Im sure when there are more big games thats when 3DS will sky rocket

firemassacre3088d ago

How can the PS Vita Succeed?

release it

Knushwood Butt3088d ago

I just read that aliens have been here for hundreds of years and are living among us UNDETECTED.

jaosobno3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

@LOGICWINS, yeah I can explain. For 250$ Nintendo offers poor hardware, poor online support, 400 × 240 display, pre PS2 graphics (check out MGS Snake Eater comparison), vomit inducing 3D effect using parallax barrier (proven worst possible technology for displaying glassless 3D), and ports galore of ancient titles from PS2 and N64 era.

PSV (for the same amount of money) offers quad core CPU, quad core GPU, stellar graphics, AAA titles, great online functionality, crossplay for PS3, dual analogs, front&back touchscreens, OLED 960 x 544 display, trophy support and so on.

LOGICWINS3088d ago

^^Ah, so your assuming that the technologically superior console with more varied features will be the one that most people go for.

How did that theory work out for DS vs. PSP?

Did that theory also apply to Wii vs. PS3/360?

Micro_Sony3088d ago

How can the Vita survive? Bring Professor Layton to the Vita and its game on.

tiffac3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

The reason the DS beat the PSP this gen because the DS gave the gamers a different experience.

And as it looks like right now the shoe seems to be on the other foot with the 3DS and the PSV.

We'll just have to see if that will equal to sales for Sony.

MaxXAttaxX3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

You make no sense.
You want, like you said, a "technologically superior console with more varied features" to be under-priced before it's even released?
People may not necessarily be drawn to the more technologically superior system as much as the cheaper system, but that's just how it is. The technology difference will almost always be priced higher.

See: PS3/360 vs Wii, as an example.


@ Article,

Here's how:
GAMES and marketing!

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Blaze9293088d ago

well first I assume, and I just ASSUME...that it needs to come out, you know - release.

Thatguy-3103088d ago

All I have to say is COD on the go!!!! Gamers will eat that up as soon as iys release and since vita has the analogs sticks no gamers will hold back..all we can do is wait and see but that's my prediction.

extermin8or3088d ago

You know the thing is I don't care- and unless you work for sony you shouldn't either really. I know I intend to buy it day one. I know I'm looking forward to many of the announced games for it whether they are launch titles or not and past that idc wether the 3DS sells more or not....

LOGICWINS3088d ago

"You know the thing is I don't care- and unless you work for sony you shouldn't either really. I know I intend to buy it day one."

The more Vita sells, the more developers take notice. The more developers take notice, the more developers will be interested in Vita. The more devs interested in Vita, the greater the variety of games Vita owners have to play.

After what has happened to Megaman Legends 3 and Shenmue 3, any informed gamer would be foolish to entirely have no interest in how well their console of choice performs commercially.

extermin8or3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Nope as long as it sells enough to get noticed it doesn't matter-this is specifically about how it will sell compared tot he 3DS.... so I don't care how it performs compared to another console that is targeted at a different area of the market....

VampiricDragon3088d ago

The same way the psp succeeded. Exclusives

buffycrp3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Psp succeeded due to hackability not exclusives don't care what u say.

LOGICWINS3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )


Also, the few PSP titles that were worth a damn will be on the PS3 shorty(GOW: Origins, Peace Walker)

That Resistance game was pretty cool though.

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SilleGamer3088d ago

I really hope that Sony's PS Vita succeeds.

If only to prevent titles such as Angry Birds dominating the charts in place of deserving titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

wumster3088d ago

It will succeed. No one knows how it will do initially, but it will succeed.

Some people will be turned off by the $250 price tag because they fail to realize what technology is in it.

Rainstorm813088d ago

I dont think gamers will be turned off.....The 3DS wasnt successful at that price point because it visually resembled the DS with only a 3d upgrade although it is more powerful...... The PSV is an all new beast in comparison to the PSP.....

Market confusion wont exist, besides 250$ is a steal when most thought it would be 400+

The PSP biggest failure in its attempt to make a home console portable was the absence of dual analog controls.......PSV problem solved

wumster3088d ago


Gamer will not be, but if you don't have a job and you depend on your parents to buy things, that price point in this economy will make them think twice.

I have a nephew that I buy for so I am telling you, I will think twice before I buy him one at that price point.

xAlmostPro3088d ago

It will succeed. I mean Every PS3 sold made a loss to begin with, now they earn on each one. Sony will most likely stick to the original PSV price point for awhile maybe even when it's cheaper to create just to bring in a bit of money.

Then they'll earn from the exclusive games and what not :)

WooHooAlex3088d ago

Market the crap out of the fact that it has dual analog sticks and Call of Duty. That will be enough to win over a lot of gamers.

badz1493088d ago

CoD = WIN! Why Sony don't push it as a release title is beyond me.

clrlite3088d ago

Yes, I will continue to say this as well. Marketing and games. Sony you have to market and advertise this device properly.

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