It's PS3's First Birthday - PS3 Cranks it up

Frost the cake, wrap the presents and book the creepy party clown who smells of cigarettes and Wild Turkey: today marks the PlayStation 3's first birthday. It's been a tumultuous 12 months for Sony's new pride and joy. PS3 sales remain lodged in third place behind the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, several top-tier titles have been hit with delays and there are ongoing rumblings from some game programmers that the system is a beast to work on.

But the chunky toddler seems to be finally finding his feet. Sales are on the uptick, thanks in part to a new $399 PS3 model, while improvements to the console's system software have added some nifty features.

And most importantly, the killer games are finally starting to arrive, heralded by a pointy-eared alien and his robot life partner. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is the first game since the year-old launch title Resistance: Fall of Man (also by Ratchet creators Insomnicac Games) that could truly convince some fence-sitters to take the next-gen PlayStation plunge:

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kss3996d ago

happy birthday my sweet darling

Coffin873996d ago

haha i agree.

rofl i also have to agree with you, wonder why you got 4 disagrees..?

3996d ago
TheMART3996d ago

That will be a pretty long orgasm then, because your 'sweet darling' (aka PS3) is delaying about everything.

Ah well at least this delay you'll enjoy. Probably.

lawman11083996d ago

If being a HUGE flop and so called AAA+ games that DO NOT SELL ...hello R&C, Lair and HS I am looking right at you.... and having almost every single game delayed is far from happy.

TheMART3996d ago

Sorry to spoil your party again, but those 3 sure all aren't AAA on and over 90% average reviewed games at all.

Lair? Don't make me laugh please...


You say??? Yeah a game that sucks donkey balls.

Heavenly Sword. Nice but just good, not great and certainly not AAA on or over 90%


Just well... Allright. God of War 2 on the original PS2 beats it any day

Ratchet & Clank is good, close to really great. But it's also not on or over 90% average reviews


Pretty good though as the only on and over 90% games are multiplatform games Oblivion and COD4.

reaferfore203996d ago

Wow Mart, you're good at typing a lot of stuff and not really saying anything. Do you have a life outside of N4G? Does it involve playing WOW in your basement and getting your mom to make you hot pockets??

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3996d ago
azedean3996d ago

happy birth day :) mine is 12 of november happy birth day to me too :p

3996d ago
Skerj3996d ago

My PS3 has a date with Assassin's Creed and Uncharted, moving pretty fast for a toddler. Now I gotta have the "talk" about um protection and vocally transmitted diseases over the PSN.

The_Engineer3996d ago

as someone calling themselves "Element X", what are you 12?? lol

Spike473996d ago

did'nt the wii come out a few days after the ps3?

monkey6023996d ago

It was the 4 or 5 of december here in Europe so it would have been a week or two before that in America