Most Wanted MMOs: Elder Scrolls Online - The Chronicles of Nirn

Bright Hub "A lot of people would love to venture into a world like Elder Scrolls with a bunch of friends, competing in tournaments, traveling the world and fighting off dragons. Get a closer look at what an online RPG version of the Elder Scrolls would be like in this edition of the Most Wanted MMOs."

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zeal0us2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Me personally would love to see an ES:online and believe it would bring something new to the mmorpg table. Your more than likely to see an fallout mmo b4 an elder scrolls mmo

firemassacre2834d ago

i want bethesda to do a boulders gate game.

GammaTru2834d ago

Don't we have enough carbon copy MMORPG's as it is?

I love the Elder Scrolls series. And that's why I would hate to see it as a multiplayer game. Even offline multiplayer or co-op would feel really tacked on. Hell, I hated it in Fable 2/3.

Breostag2834d ago

no thank you. I'll stick with single-player. But an online arena where you could fight against other people wouldn't be so bad. but no mmo plz, we have enough of those.

Tony P2834d ago

What are the main draws of MMOs? Lots of people and a huge world to accommodate them.

TES has had the huge world part down since the first game. So what's special about dumping a bunch of other people in it?

vortis2833d ago

It's showing off your pimping gear? Kicking the arse of loud-mouth braggers and watching them kneel beneath your might?

How about joining up with friends in a guild and kicking the crap out of any and everyone?

MMOs are cool for the same reason people like competitive FPS games and cooperative TPS games. It's like combining a little bit of each genre to make up for something exciting (when done right).

Tony P2832d ago

That's what I get for saying "special" instead of "unique".

You can get that kind of thing with any MMO out there.

Point is, today's MMOs need to bring something more to the table than all those tired tricks. The "uniquness" of a setting is not enough. Better and far more famous franchises than TES have tried and failed hard.

vortis2829d ago

Actually, other than Mortal Online (which is crap) I can't think of another MMO game out there even remotely similar to The Elder Scrolls. Most MMORPGS are grind-heavy, anime-style games with linear character classes and stories.

If they kept everything the same from Skyrim (except for a few restrictions here and there) and just opened up the world for multiple players, it would be pretty tight as an MMO.